PSN Hits 1.5 Million Users

After a mere 6 months, Sony has created a very real online presence.

Straight from Gamer's Day, PSU got the numbers of Sony's online world. First off, over 1.5 million users have created online accounts, with 775,000 coming from North America (PSU doesn't know if these are individual PS3s, as some people have multiple accounts for differing regions).

At this 6 month mark, Microsoft had only 500,000 users on Xbox Live. For those of you who think that's not a fair comparison, the 500,000 number also includes the free silver edition.

Six million pieces of content have been downloaded from the PlayStation Store. They didn't announce the ratio of free to paid content, but it's an impressive number nonetheless.

Finally, the 1.5 million users have logged in a total of 115 million times. So using our impressive math and reasoning skills, that's an average of 77 log-ins per PS3 owner. Not bad at all Sony.

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TheExecutive4476d ago

Not too bad! I check it every Thursday. This makes me wonder how many PS3's have been sold. Anyone?

Spartan154476d ago

Yeah same here, I check it almost every day however. But that is nice how playstation3 is doing better than what people think.

clownfacemcgee4476d ago

I have an account which is under my dad's account since I'm under 18, but I know most of my friends (who are also under 18) only have 1 account, 'cause they just lied and said they were 18, but I'm not so great at that.

paracardium4476d ago

Nice .. that calling all cars is a fun game for 10 bucks.

powerslide4476d ago

I think that at the end of this generation PSN is going to be better than live....and the numbers are really promising.

daous4476d ago (Edited 4476d ago )

As much as Sony has improved in their online services from the PS2 era, they are many years behind Xbox Live. On a side note, Nintendo is even further behind than Sony. Microsoft started their online service at least four years ahead of Sony, and, in ALMOST any situation where one company has a head start over another for that many years, will be far more advanced in the online services. There will definitely be a gap when comparing Xbox Live and PSN.

Sure, the PSN is free, and will have HOME. BUT, HOME is a love/hate feature that will not be used by everyone often (such as me, since I hate Sony's decision to go for a bland, generic and realistic look for user avatars in HOME). Furthermore, right now, Sony's download speeds from PS Store SUCK (and this could be because it's free and Sony can't afford to provide fast download speeds like the super-rich Microsoft). This is the "price" PS3 users will pay for Sony's decision to make online free.

With Microsoft's Xbox Live, you must pay this if you want to play online multiplayer games, etc. However, their download speeds are ridiculous fast. Downloading demos take as low as 15 minutes (if you're internet connection is really good), while PS Store demos take me 1-4 hours (and I have a VERY fast internet connection, but PS Store apparently has a download limit D:).

Any gamer who owns or played on the 360, PS3 and Wii will tell you that the 360 online service is superior. The downside is that you must pay for it, unlike PS3 and Wii, and Sony is definitely improving their online services at a dramatic rate (which is great).

Perhaps when PS4 comes, will we see Sony's online network rival Microsoft's (and surpass it if it remains FREE while MS decides to go with subscription fees next gen).

Regardless of which will ultimately be better, the good news is that both consoles are constantly improving their online services, and the gamers are in a win-win situation! Cheers!

Kratos124475d ago

What are you trying to download? The whole PSN store??

It took me around 10 mins to download NGS which is about a gig in size. SO you better check your REALLY FAST CONNECTION once again!!!

Sashy4476d ago

we are waiting for the great update on the Playstation Store and Network :D

EZCheez4476d ago

After Gamers day passed with no news on 2.0, reality set in and sucked the hope out of me. Now i'm just waiting for an update period.

Sony needs to announce some sort of update schedule rather than toy with our emotions like they did with the HomeBetaTrial website.