Forza 3 vs Forza 2 comparison - Suzuka F430 comparison

From Gameswire: "After our earlier Forza 3 vs. GT5:P comparison, we've knocked up a quick comparison between Forza 3 and Forza 2."

"Same rules apply: same circuit, same car, same positions, same resolution (1280x720), same capture equipment. Even the 360 used to play the two games is the same."

"There's no prizes for guessing which is better."

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Sunny_D3301d ago

Atleast they got the shiny toy car look out of the cars . Now it looks plastic.

54percent3301d ago

Forza 2 had more effects

Sunny_D3301d ago

Wait, what are we looking at? It's Forza 2. Oh wait, you mean that's Forza 3 too? Wow, I don't see a difference at all.

DasBunker3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

The difference is barely noticeable.. i had to look to find out which one was which

soxfan20053301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

More pointless screenshot comparisons. Because as we all know, graphics=quality. /s

steck673301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Well actually the graphics of a game plays a pretty big role in creating a quality game

SnuggleBandit3301d ago

you are right, it does not necessarily equal quality but why on the 360 are you not seeing graphical jumps like on the ps3 from uncharted to uncharted 2? Is it incompetant devs or underpowered hardware?

soxfan20053301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Did you guys actually read the article? "Sizeable step up" in graphical quality since you are so interested.

SaberEdge3301d ago


Yes, you're right. That's why every PS2 game was lacking last generation and wasn't nearly as fun as the games on the Xbox, right?

Give us a break. Graphics are important, but far more important is how a game plays and how much fun it is. That is why I loved so many PS2 games even though graphically they were far below the graphics of most Xbox games.

In any case the graphical difference between games on the 360 and PS3 is marginal at best. There is far more difference between games on the same console than there is between the consoles.

steck673301d ago

Did I say graphics are more important than gameplay? No. All I basically said is to create a quality game, you want graphics in the formula. I did not say graphics > gameplay primarily because I personally think gameplay > graphics.

If everything was about graphics I might as well quit gaming and watch Pixar films instead.

MNicholas3301d ago

Forza 2's rendering is a bit cleaner and has slightly fewer artifacts. For example, the lines on the road in Forza 3 are very rough edged.

Forza 2's grassy area does have appear to use larger and more varied textures while Forza 3 uses repeating low-res, mottled textures.

Neither handles transparent pixels well with a lot of dithering and artifacts.

Forza 3's car shading is a little bit better and it does have a bit more grass objects and, of course, a lot of people in the stands.

The camera does appear to be higher and farther away in Forza 3 which enhances the performance saving benefits of the skewed perspective.

On that subject, both suffer from the same FOV problem where the perspective is excessively skewed.

Neither has particularly detailed car models.

The similarities are so many, from the precise placement of trees to many surrounding structures, it's hard to believe their claim that they built a brand new engine for Forza 3.

Turn10 has somewhat of a self-created credibility problem for a lot of reasons, such as graphics, damage, physics and pricing.

bjornbear3301d ago

Graphics are important. But who says graphics is the rendering power and the realism?

SoTC has better graphics than many games i know...because to me graphics isn't JUST realism / rendering power, its basically the whole visual aspect. The character modeling, the detail in the design.

PS2 has very good graphic games, just not the best rendered ones.

HOWEVA! On a driving SIM, since gameplay has basically been nailed down to millimeters and miligrams of physics and so on, graphics renderings play a far bigger part

on a game like Infamous or Halo, where there are a lot more factors to add to, and a lot more happening on screen, so your eyes won't be focused on same place as long (unlike racing sim games) and graphic renderings aren't AS important

Admit it, people will notice a racing game / racing sim's graphics way before a TPS or a Sports game =)

CWMR3301d ago

-If you are trying to compare it to Gran Turismo, the reality is that both games are so close and the graphics in either game are going to be plenty good to immerse you in the races.-

Darkeyes3301d ago

I know graphics =! gameplay, but I really want to know what Turn 10 was eating before that E3 presentation. "Best looking Sim till date" Thats a bold claim when you can hardly surpass your predecessor...

ultimolu3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

"More pointless screenshot comparisons. Because as we all know, graphics=quality. /s"

Yeah, cause you know, 360 fans weren't trying to attack PS3 games in the same manner?

Now the graphics don't matter! It's all about the quality!


Shadow Flare3301d ago

No way....honest to god, when i was comparing them, i thought forza 3 was on the right and 2 was on the left. Because thats typically the order it should be in. But then i saw forza 3 was on the left.........i have to watch what i say or i'll get banned but damn, Turn 10 should STFU. Honestly, if anything the games look basically the same but the road and grass looks better in forza 3 but the cars look better in forza 2, honestly. Turn 10 you should be ashamed. And to have the gall to mouth off to polyphony like that. Maybe YOU should have worked on your game for 5 years because if thats the result of 2 it needs more time in the oven. Damn lol

aaron58293301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Now graphics are not important...

What happened to " Boo hooo... Xbox 360 games always looks better than the PS3 version.... PS3 multiplat games are always inferior graphically... "


On topic : there are improvements... but not by much.

u got owned3301d ago

They look similar because this is the same track, same thing happen with the GT5p comparison the graphics where very similar because it was the same track, that's why the only differences you'll see is in the lighting effects, details and textures, but that's what make a games graphics better.

Everything in F3 looks better, from textures, lighting, colors and detail, not to mention that the game while playing it look much more better than F2.

Richdad3301d ago

The difference is barely noticable in the pics, the basic difference in Forza 2 and 3 is that FOrza 3 throws 4 times more textures and 10 times more polygons. Thats it self a huge jump. So, these pics when compared like this might not get your anywhere.

FOrza 3 still is not the sim with definitive graphics. But it is better than Forza2 in all respect, the stage shown here looks very ugly in FOrza 2 (I mean it by word ugly. But in Forza 3 the car model shines(can compete with any game except GT5) the stage look OK not breath taking but you will never say it ugly.

Also Forza 3 car models look great. They are truly outstanding part in terms of graphics. Yes but turn 10 has not improved much in terms of effects and shaders they are basically the same.

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MetalGearRising3301d ago

Forza 3 on xbox360 will be the Definitive Racing Game ever made no other console can compete in Graphics,Customization, The bar has been set so high that GT5 has gracefully backed out.

DasBunker3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

lol even GT:P has better graphics than forza 3.. and who cares putting stickers on cars isnt what driving sims are all about.. and as you know GT rapes forza on driving and physics departments.. if i wanted to put stickers and other irrelevant crap on cars id get modnation racers :P..

but i know youre joking :)

DK_Kithuni_713301d ago

Take it easy Bill. Microsoft is still a great comp... Well, actually, it isn't. Microsoft is a scam. The Xbox 360 is pure trash. Forza 3 is a joke. Turn 10 are morons.

Have a nice day :-)

MetaIGearRising3301d ago

Who am I kidding?
Forza 3 will suck.
GT5 will be much better, better graphics, handling, tracks ect...
Forza 3 will be destroyed by GT5.

Lord_Ranos3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Hey Metal BOT play the all the Gran Turismos from 1 to 4 and see why your making your self look like a retard.

EDIT: Oh wait you ARE a retard.

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TheMailman3301d ago

This is a joke? They look the same...

Funky Town_TX3301d ago

The demo looked better for some reason.

Sarcasm3301d ago

"The demo looked better for some reason. "

Because the demo doesn't have the same tracks as Forza 2 so nobody can tell a difference unless you see it side by side.

Needless to say, there's only a marginal improvement from Forza 3 to Forza 2.

Even so, I agree that the Forza 3 demo definitely gave me a different impression.

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