GameSpot Apologizes Over U2 Review Spoiler

GS Admin. apologizes for the spoiler and announces they're working on a new edited review.

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Sunny_D5373d ago

That won't take the memory out of everyone's head though.

5372d ago
redsquad5372d ago

Look up "elucidate" in the book that appears in your avatar, come back and tell me what the hell you're bleating on about.

Tinted Eyes5373d ago (Edited 5373d ago )

Thank god I didnt watch the review.

ThatCanadianGuy5373d ago

same here.My hate for all things gamespot saved me from that lol

BulletToothtony5373d ago

the first 2 seconds has a spoiler.. are these guys really that stupid or do they do these things on purpose along with gametrailers??

Jamegohanssj55373d ago

Thank god I almost ever watch or look at reviews.


Jmlopezbr5373d ago

and plan not to... how big was this spoiler?

Mo0eY5373d ago

Yeah, I'm glad I didn't watch it either. I usually watch video reviews, but I've dodged two bullets so far (this and GameTrailers). Anyway, I'm leaving this article because I know that some people will spoil it for others, and I don't want to read what's said so peace out. :)

Microsoft Xbox 3605373d ago

You got a damn big spoiler in the first couple seconds of the review. WTF is up with that?

jwatt5373d ago

It was a big spoiler, just don't bother watching it.

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Ares84PS35373d ago

You can't be serious??? You are just as bad as GS for posting this...you think your "SPOILER" written out will stop my eyes from looking????

I didn't watch the review on GS but people like you find a way to spoil it anyway.

I watched the GT review untill I've seen the second spoiler in it....

Damn internet has spoiled the game. Before GOW3 comes I won't be comming near a gaming site.

fishd5373d ago

I didn't watch it sucka!

morganfell5373d ago

I didn't see it - can't stand them.

Also there is Gametrailers...who from what I read on this site also posted a spoiler.

bjornbear5373d ago

Not that i dislike gamespot, i don't mind them tbh, i they aren't as bad as gamesradar or edge.

But i didn't watch mainly cuz i KNEW there wud be a spoiler....glad i didn't pay much attention to the GT one =) don't remember the spoiler there o.O...

Still, no need, just 1 week =D

thesummerofgeorge5373d ago

How obnoxious buddy! It's not ok to spoil part of the game just because you type "SPOILER". So what if I don't close my eyes fast enough, or don't read your warning before I see the spoiler, I shouldn't have to anyway. D!ck move pal... D!ck move.

"Hey, how about I type the spoiler out, just in case anyone managed to avoid it in the video" FVCK!

heroicjanitor5373d ago (Edited 5373d ago )

His comment warned me about the spoiler :)


sunnygrg5373d ago

Gamespot had it planned all along *evil look* >=(

Deputydon5373d ago

I was sitting here watching it earlier and I had a feeling game spot would spoil it so I just looked the other way with the sound off for the first 30 seconds.

Woohoo for me.

Lifendz5373d ago

I avoided it just for fear of a spoiler. I'm listening to GiantBombcast now and they're about to start talking about the game and I'm afraid to continue listening.

Ryo-Hazuki5373d ago

lol yea gamespot messed up on this one. My own personal suspense for the game has been answered unfortunately...I wish I could of experienced it through playing the game instead of gamespot revealing it to me.

Face Palm5372d ago

Luckily, before I click on ANY N4G article, I read some of the comments first. That way, if I see a bunch of people talk about how bad an article is, I can just avoid it and not give the site hits. A bunch of people commented on the GS video review and warned of the spoilers, so I avoided it.

Thank you N4G community :)

ia_studio5372d ago

Thank goodness I forced myself to not watch it,

It felt like when you're playing dead Space, aiming at every corner and finally have a necromorph attack you head on, it makes all those aimings well worth it.

TheDeadMetalhead5372d ago


Thanks a lot, Gamespot. >.<