Uncharted 2 Had YouTube Connectivity During Development

In speaking with Jacob Minkoff, one of the designers at Naughty Dog, some interesting facts came to light regarding Youtube SDK integration.

Uncharted 2 ships with a "Cinema Mode" that allows players to save, edit, and share gameplay videos, but in development this mode also offered the ability to upload directly to Youtube from within the game.

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LordMarius3394d ago

They should just do an update in the future

creeping judas3394d ago

Yeah but come on, 1 to 2 million videos of Drake taking out his enemies would probably break youtube.

Mixmoff3394d ago

In the article, the designer's saying the YouTube API uses 11Mb of system RAM. They weren't able to sacrifice that much of the PS3's resources, as U2 needs all the RAM the PS3 can muster.

So it's not something they'll be able to work in unless they dramatically streamline their code.

JRaptor3394d ago

Can't they make it so that you can upload it to youtube only when you are not playing? I.e. when the game isn't using very much ram.

Mr_Showtime13394d ago

Or even once you have it on the Naughty Dog website you have the ability to upload it to your youtube account

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