Manhunt 2 Box Art - Jack Thompson Becomes Angry

A guy over at NeoGAF took this picture after visiting HMV. He claims it to be real, with over a dozen of boxes having the same message.

Note: This is only the pre-order box art, not the official.

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gta_cb4260d ago

i thought something like this would come out, especially with the upcoming titles getting closer to release including my personal favourite GTA4

Dr Pepper4260d ago

I dont care if this is real or not, Ill take anything that has the chance of shutting this guy up (even though this will just piss him off even more)

gta_cb4260d ago

yeh but whats he gonna do? nothing new no doubt (try and sue again!)

Bonsai12144260d ago

haha.. i'll bet bubbles he'll sue...

what does 6/7 mean? or am i reading it wrong

Dr Pepper4260d ago

maybe the release date?

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The story is too old to be commented.