Killzone and SOCOM playable at E3 2007?

In a recent interview with GameInformer, Sony Computer Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Peter Dille, discussed all current aspects of the PlayStation brand.

One question in particular caught PSU's eye. When asked about Killzone PS3 and SOCOM: Confrontation's playability at the upcoming E3, Dille responded:

"Yeah. I think all the stuff you can have playable at E3. And then the one we've been holding back on is Killzone, so it's a good reason for you to come to E3, because we'll have some updates on that. By all means, you need to save something to keep people interested."

Take it how you will, but PSU is interested alright. Expect a blowout of information and impressions on tons of games, in particular Killzone, come this July.

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DrWan4474d ago

Reading comprehension problem? he said SOCOM playable but Killzone will NOT be...title needs clarification

Premonition4474d ago

Killzone will be there sony said it already, and also I do believe it will be playable, I dont see why the beta cant start a little after E3.

WilliamRLBaker4474d ago

you need to go back and recheck it wan...he says this exactly when asked if killzone and socom will be playable...

"Yeah. I think all the stuff you can have playable at E3. And then the one we’ve been holding back on is Killzone.

So he says yeah killzone and socom will be playable, and that they've been holding back on killzone,and it will be a reason to come to e3..

Arkham4472d ago

No, you missed the end of the sentence regarding Killzone. "...because we’ll have some updates on that." There is no confirmation in his awkwardly-worded comments that KZ will be playable.

Spartan154474d ago

I do not see where it says killzone will not be playable, it says they have been holding it back, thats it.

DrWan4474d ago

Confrontation will be playable, Killzone will be held back and it will not be playable. I am sure of it. Killzone will enter beta instead, but not at E3 though. We'll see.

The full article to this interview has already been posted as well.

Robotz Rule4474d ago

I hope to see more Killzone info as time goes on!

BubblesDAVERAGE4474d ago

I hope it has split screen online. Sorta like Warhawk will...aSlo guys dont wory Zipper is working on a Socom with a single player and a multi player...Socom online is the best ..

bigmack4474d ago

this will be a great E3

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The story is too old to be commented.