NPD: Best-Selling Games of April 2007

Software totals for the month of April have come in from the NPD Group today, and things are looking bleaker than ever for Sony's next-generation machine. Following a strong month of sales in March, the PS3 faltered slightly in April, with only one title making it into the top 20. The PS3's best-selling game in April was the port of F.E.A.R., with 45,846 units sold.

Other than F.E.A.R., the next best-selling PlayStation 3 titles were Motorstorm and Spider-Man 3: Collector's Edition, which came in at 25 and 26 respectively. The big winner for the month was apparently Nintendo, who had the top two best-selling games overall with Super Paper Mario and Wii Play. The Xbox 360 also had a strong month for software, with Guitar Hero 2 continuing to sell well. PlayStation 2 software also fared well for the month, God of War II and Guitar Hero 2 both retained their sales momentum.

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DrWan4168d ago

Noticed a trend that multiplatform that was released for both xbox360 and Ps2 always go neck in neck in sales.

That means those PS2 fans are probably not planning to go get a 360 or ps3 anytime soon because they are fine with a 'inferior' version. just thought i throw that trend that i noticed in there.

EDMIX4168d ago

I think PS2 boys have more than Enough games to play to hold them out til next year! the games that are being released on the 360 are mostly PS2 games like King Kong or GUN!! Persona and a New kingdom Hearts game will be out for the PS2! so were good!

DrWan4168d ago

yes, i agreed, even if there are to be No more games to be release on the PS2 right now.

If the gamer is into RPG, Action Adventure, and so on. I think a PS2 owner would have enough game to last him for 1-2 yrs even if he ONLY buys AAA titles (9.0+) (one game per month) for the next 2 yrs.

I missed out on alot of games for the PS2 in the the past 2 yrs, didn't have time to play, i am sure i am not the only one.

Robotz Rule4167d ago

PS2 gamers will have plenty to do while the PS3 improves and comes up with more games:)

But I'll still game on my PS3!

Covenant4167d ago

Multiple titles for Wii, 360, and that old warhorse, PS2. PS3 follows a very successful March with an OK April; things could be worse next month, as the only major PS3 titles for May are MLB: The Show (very good) and Pirates and Surf's Up (meh). There are some good titles forthcoming for the PS3 this summer (Lair, for one), as well as the other systems. I think we'll see this mix hold up for a while.

socomnick4167d ago

:/ Wish more games would come out already for the xbox 360.
Ive given up on buying lair does not look that good.
Heavenly sword though is looking better than ever.

Bill Gates4167d ago

El Oh El !!!!!

That picture is MAD funny....HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHA

"It Prints Money"....HahHAAHAHahhhaa

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