Summer Games: 2007 Most Anticipated

Ah, summertime. A time to head to the pool or the beach, lay down in a hammock or go see the latest multi-million dollar popcorn movie at the theaters. It's usually a fun time for all (except for hurricanes) but in the past the video and PC game industry has typically gone on vacation for the summer months. While there are usually a few major games released in between Memorial Day and Labor Day, in the past they have been few and far between as the publishers usually wait for September to start releasing their major AAA titles.

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Evoluti0n4944d ago

Blue Dragon and Two Worlds (August and June, respectively)

gta_cb4944d ago

these articles always seem to leave out good games.

DADO4944d ago

They do not include games on multiple DVD's.

Covenant4944d ago

Forgot about those.

I'm broke before summer even begins!

FCOLitsjustagame4944d ago

Overlord, Too Human and many others.

TriggerHappy4944d ago

There are some impressive titles up on the list that is definately worth mentioning.

Covenant4944d ago (Edited 4944d ago )

Not a bad list, especially given the "dead zone" that summer releases usually comprise. I think I may actually pick up Shadowrun, having enjoyed the pen-and-paper version in college.

The Darkness looks good...might be worth a rental, or purchasing on sale.

Ninja Gaiden PS3 owners can have their @sses handed to them six different ways from Saturday, just like those of us who had the Xbox version did. Man, that game was HARD. But FUN!

Manhunt 2 on the family-friendly Wii...gotta be a sign of the apocalypse. :)

Lair...*Waaaaaaahhhh,* I can't have this on my 360 (throws monstrous tantrum on floor.) J/k, but boy, does this game look GREAT.

BioShock...droooooooool....dr oooooooool....can't wait.

Quake Wars...hope it comes to the 360 eventually.

Then comes September, and Halo 3, Mass Effect, and more...

BlackIceJoe4944d ago

You do know Quake wars is coming out also on the 360 plus the PS3. I guess these guys who made the list forgot to put that the game is also on those systems too. You can go to any gaming site and they will say it is coming out on those systems too.

Covenant4944d ago

Hadn't heard that yet. Yay! (does happy gamer dance)


mcintosh2334944d ago

just played the demo on 360

i can quite confidently say that it is THE worst game i have ever played

shockingly bad

on topic though

where's Two Worlds, Kane and Lynch

Uganda644944d ago

Kane & Lynch was delayed to make the PS3 version release day and date with the 360 and PC versions. This Christmas.

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