Urban Chaos: Riot Response Hands-On

Is the previous-gen Xbox dead? Not if you ask Eidos. The top-tier publisher is set for a June 13th release of Urban Chaos: Riot Response: a first person shooter specifically for the big black box.

Why release a fully featured, last-gen Xbox game? That's an easy one: the sheer number of consoles already in the market. Eidos can get a return on their investment immediately with a good FPS for the Xbox, as UK's Rocksteady gets valuable experience for a future next-gen release. Read a hands-on preview of the game at TeamXbox.

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kingboy6326d ago

Always boring news for the green fans as usuall

Swifty6326d ago

June 13th???

Its been out in the UK for two weeks now


Retro Review - Urban Chaos: Riot Response - BagoGames

Jerry from BagoGames says, "There once was a time when Batman and all licensed games were pretty much trash. Little did we know the PlayStation 2 and Xbox era would see Urban Chaos: Riot Response, the first game from Rocksteady Studios and it is fun to play this blast from the past and see where they came from before they went to Arkham."

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15 Games You Didn't Know Were Made by Famous Developers

Twinfinite Writes: Many famous developers have created quite a portfolio over the years. However, there's a few games developed by some big names that you may not know about.

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Poroz2456d ago

Why can't you put them all on 1 page. You even went out of your way to make each picture look like it was part of a slide show, When it is clearly changing web pages.

AcidDvl2456d ago


I bought that game on the ps2 and loved it.
Who would guess that Rocksteady were about to achieve greatness?


Why 2006’s ‘Urban Chaos: Riot Response’ is 2016’s Most Relevant Police Video Game

VICE speaks to one of the makers of Rocksteady's pre-Arkham game, which cast the player as a police officer using maximum force to get the job done.

Hoffmann2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

That game was damn good. Should have had sequels already.

To call it relevant to actual police work and any riots in 2016 however is completely absurd.