Edge Online Review: Demon's Souls

The disorientation you feel during the first few hours of Demon's Souls is unprecedented. It's not that you'll be in any doubt about the mission: with a sword in one hand, a shield in the other, and a horde of approaching undead, the challenge is one of gaming's most familiar. Few, however, will be prepared for the relentless setbacks heaped upon their miserable bones in facing it.

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Antan4268d ago

Well well, this is a turn up for the books. Who knows, maybe they will suprise us with a similar score for U2? Anyways, this lil fella should be in my grasp by the end of the week.

Lifendz4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I've been hearing great things about this game. I might have to pick it up this holiday season.

And Edge, stop beating around the Bush. U2 is getting a AAA score unless you want to be considered a complete joke.

SuperM4268d ago

demon souls is the kind of game id imagine edge could give high score even though its PS3 exclusive. Dont have that high hopes for Uncharted 2, but maybe if we are lucky we will see a 9/10

bageara4268d ago

When edge hand out a 7/10 for uncharted 2 and sony fans say "Edge is biased against sony exclusives" they can say "no we are not, only last week we give DS a 9" mark my words....or mabye im just paranoid. i just dont trust Edge!

callahan094268d ago

I think Bageara is right. Although I predict an 8, not a 7.

house4268d ago

now that's a start lets see is edge can make them self's give a ten to uc2. i was about to say if they give uc2 lower than a ten they will lose they credibility but then again when have they had any???

sorry for bad grammar

Christopher4268d ago

Seems to be the best score for the game. Got it coming to me either today or tomorrow. Not sure I'm gonna start it until I finish UC2 at least once, though, since it'll take me a long time to beat Demon's Souls.

IdleLeeSiuLung4268d ago

What the heck? Edge should have given it a 10! Fanboy site!!!

frostypants4268d ago

...the nearest GameStop only got a few copies in, all but one of which were reserved. This is kind of uncool, as I live in'd expect more supply. I snagged that last copy.

After the tutorial which basically auto-kills you, I have so far spent about 30 minutes running around in the first realm, including an encounter with a blue-glow-eyed knight, without dying once (WOOT!). Knowing I had to break away, I found a shortcut back to the beginning of the level (there's a cool ring right by it) and returned to the Nexus so my game would be saved. Yes, next go at it I have to kill those same enemies again, but I can't wait. I THINK my shortcut should remain open as well.

The immersion is great. You really do feel a sense of dread, but the occasional spontaneous apparitions of other players going about their business is somehow reassuring. The sound effects are among the best I have heard, yet are subtle. Your armor sounds realistically, and somewhat amusingly, clunky and rattley.

If I had to say what game this reminds me most of in terms of difficulty, it would be the original side-scrolling Prince of Persia, due to how you must approach combat. Patience in combat is rewarded...foolhardiness and stupidity are punished, even this early in the game. I have already seen a LOT of replay deaths of other players (which you can watch by touching bloodstains) that have shown them trying to hack away recklessly. Keep your shield up ALWAYS (so far for me at least), and strike when the enemy shows their body. And R3 is your friend...targeting is essential.

The game is awesome. Just awesome. I am now not sure how I will fit Uncharted 2 in with this, but I am sure I'll find a way.

DaTruth4268d ago

Every retailer told me delayed till tomorrow. I only have a week till U2 is released and I wanted to get some time in with this!

callahan094268d ago

Hey Frosty, you don't have to go to Nexus to save. The game is auto-saves every couple of seconds. I had the power go out on me while I was playing once, and when it came back on, I was worried that I'd start up and have to redo everything I'd done, but it just started me literally exactly where I had been when the power went out.

frostypants4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

Callahan, I just found that out. Good stuff. Definitely makes life easier to at least be able to leave the game when ya want.

DaTruth, the game wasn't "delayed"...unless the Gamestop I called took liberty with the rules. I think it simply didn't get delivered to retailers until today, and many just don't unpack boxes until after hours.

But like I said, the Gamestop I got it from only had a single copy that wasn't already spoken for. I think Atlus grossly underestimated the grass-roots hype this game has generated. As I type this, it's the #4 video games item on Amazon...

Maddens Raiders4267d ago

Buy this game. It's that simple.

LiquifiedArt4267d ago

...Look at how innovative(DS) or massively produced (US2) a game has to be on playstation to even AAA reviews, meanwhile, you got run of the mill xbox games that are in the "same league".

Its also worthy to mention the influx of new PS3 users, who are picking up a slim. Does it have any connection to how they will treat th ps3 from now on?? Interesting...

LiquifiedArt4267d ago

...This game is basically, Ninja Gaiden for Action RPG fans!!

And I love how skill-based Ninja Gaiden is!!!
(currently playing through on Mentor)

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nightelfmohawk4268d ago

So this is like a 12/10 coming from them. :)

ReviewsArePolitics4268d ago

Not really, they're just softening the blow of the 7 they'll give U2

Myst4268d ago

I'll say it right now, and I know people may disagree and such with me for saying it already; but...I want a continuation of the Demon's Souls game. If not a continuation of the game something with the same formula applied in Demon's Souls, but applied to another game. Still hyped to get my copy, and finally be able to eat and drink for the day.

(Been holding off on everything for that pizza I plan to get after getting my copy. Little Caesars $5.00 large ^_^)

Danteh4268d ago

coming from Edge is excelent. This looks like game made for me, I'm a masochist who likes playing GOW in Titan Mode, DMC in DMD, Uncharted in Crushing... so this is defintely going to be one of my GOTYs xDDD. Too bad I'll have to import it... they cold bring it to Europe stupid SCEE

Major_Tom4268d ago

It's a alot harder than those games.

WildArmed4268d ago

'alot' harder is an understatement xD
Ninja Gaiden Black was still pretty easy compared to Demon Souls.

and yes Ninja Gaiden Black is the hardest game i've played b4 DS.
(And I've played all GoW, DMC in the uber-est difficulties) -- uncharted aint that hard.
The stamina system prevents the game from turning into a hacknslash game lik NG, GoW n DMC.
Which is gonna make ppl weep! And actually master it.

The only way you can take action games into PvP is by this system.
So i dont feel cheated that kratos got me into a 29hit combo n killed me in one hit lol

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