Games on Demand Pricing Still Sucks

Microsoft added two new games today to their Xbox 360 Games on Demand service, Call of Duty 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Both games are priced at $29.99 in the US. A quick look at GameStop's website shows you can pick them a bit cheaper.

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fiercescuba4310d ago

Why pay $30 for something you can get for $15?

drunkpandas4310d ago

It was similar with Bioshock being $19.99 new at GameStop and $29.99 on Games on Demand.

Mr_Bun4310d ago

You would think that MS would charge a lot less for these in order for people to buy up their larger HDDs

Blaze9294310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Once again, people dont understand that you cannot price digital games cheaper than retail. Why? You cannot upset retail. Retailers are like EA, its their way or the highway and they need retail just like the big 3 needs EA.

Games on Demand pricing doesnt "suck", its where it SHOULD be at. Both Call of Duty 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 are $29.99 MSRP at retail NEW. We're not talking about used sales becuase used sales only go to that retailer and no one else.

Although I agree, digital games should be cheaper than physical games becuase you eliminate all the supplies needed like the box, box art, manual, disc etc etc. BUT again, they CANT do that becuase if they do, everyone will just buy digital games and retail sales will be lower than ever. And like I said, they need the retail support.

Look at whats happening in some shops in Europe with the PSP Go, they totally refuse to sell the device becuase it'll cut into their market share and the chances of that customer never coming back to that store are risen greatly.

AridSpider4310d ago

Don't waste your time trying to explain to people who cant comprehend. Its meaningless on this website.

Mr_Bun4310d ago (Edited 4310d ago )

Ok, you don't have to sell them cheaper, but do they have to sell them more expensive?...Full games on the PSN are alwasy the same price as the hard copy found at retail.

CoD 3 is 19.99 at retail...brand new...not 29.99

Redempteur4310d ago

Sooo 30$ for a 3 years old game is the right price ?

Sorry but no .. The point of these sales is to get the people who didn't care about the game in the first place . And they should do it with the price ...
If they don't make a little effort on the price .. what's the point ?

So the ^pricing sucks..

Tony P4310d ago

So quick to blame MS. I was too.

But Sony can't get it right either. It is not as simple as you think it is for any of these companies. There were a few articles posted here for the Go's download pricing last week. Go read them. The prices are not better.

MNicholas4310d ago

instant gratification and each extra dollar more of the download's price goes 100% towards profit.

It sounds wrong but charging more for downloads actually make sense.

They probably realize that lowering the price of downloaded games by $5-10 will literally cut their profit/game in half. Unless doing cutting the download price by that amount more than doubles download sales it's better to keep the price high.

It can also drive sales of hard-drives on which they make massive profits.

ThanatosDMC4310d ago

The Go pricing are gonna go down apparently to "fit" with the retail counterparts. Though i would rather get them for less than in retail since there's no hardcopy involved.

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fiercescuba4310d ago

Things should be cheaper when you DL the, as opposed to buying the disc, case, etc. The overhead is way down and so should the pricing.

drunkpandas4310d ago

Yeah, you'd think shaving a couple bucks off would encourage people to want to move to digital distribution. The PSPgo is a prime example. But in this case, for older games, it's just a case of someone wanting to rape your wallet.

ForROME4310d ago

This $hit makes no sense and frankly pisses me off.

A) MS touted LIve back in the day, came out with it and Rocked the house

That was a good move

B) They tout Digital DLs and blow it right out of the gate with high prices

So let me get this straight, your not paying shipping, your not paying for packaging but your charging the same? Reaaaaaaaaaally?!

Smells like crap to me, not the smartest way to tell the consumer that DLs are better

juanvan4310d ago

I purchased 360 Bio shock game only for 5$ on Ebay - GOD 30$
I purchased PS3 FF Tactics on ebay 10$ and GOD - 10$

Seems like the ps3 might have something here..

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