First Official Madden '08 Trailer

IGN has the first official trailer of EA Sports Madden NFL 2008

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killasssj4084169d ago

madden 08 is going to be the $hit.I hope they make it a lil more fast paced for the xbox

FCOLitsjustagame4169d ago

Chad Johnson looks like a linebacker. Why does everyone look like a linebacker in Madden. Johnson is tiney in real life, at least when he stands next to Carson Palmer.

THAMMER14169d ago

I see better hit detection than 2007, and some smoother animations. I wish this game was just updateable. I give Madden $60.00 a year. I would gladly pay $20 - $30 for an auto update. But we all know that is a dream.

omansteveo4169d ago

WTF is with all of the jump catches thats not realistic

bluhefner4169d ago

LMAO am i the only one that noticed that they still have Corey Dillon on the Patriots. But anyway Madden is looking OK cant wait to get 08.

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