Activision "didn't want Modern Warfare"

CVG: In what could've turned out be one of the biggest blunders in game business history, Activision originally did not want Call of Duty 4 to be a 'Modern Warfare' game, Infinity Ward has revealed.

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Cwalat4374d ago

Infinity Ward have great developers, but in all honesty... They have the dumbest publisher. Making a modern warfare is what saved the franchise from dying out, it was the last move before the end. If Activision would've stopped them from making a modern warfare game then it would've been bye bye to Call of duty series.

STK0264374d ago

yeah, but I guess even now, Activision really wants the CoD franchise to stay in WWII, CoD:WaW was set in WWII. And I'm pretty sure the next Treyarch CoD game will also be set in WWII.

Baka-akaB4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

Mmm i quite doubt so . The awful CoD3 by treyarch still sold a LOT .

And many people would have bought a WW2 Cod 4 based on the sheer idea of a next gen Cod .

it just obviously wouldnt have performed as much as MW .

And COD 5 is the proof they could revert to anything they want , WW2 included , and still ride MW's coat tail for years to come

hay4374d ago

Since they've covered modern times and WWII they should do Call of Duty: The Early Paleolithic Era Warefare. /jk

CoD is established franchise. It'll sell for some time being at least a bit better than mediocre.

Face Palm4374d ago

My respect for Activision just went down even more. If it goes down any farther, it'll be sharing a room with Turn 10.

SuperM4374d ago

World at War sold great only because of the success of Modern Warfare 2. I still think call of duty would be successful as a WW2 game but not nearly as successful as it is now.

FrankDrebin4373d ago

The biggest blunder was Sony turning down the Exclusivity to Call of Duty 4! Can you imagine what COD4, only for the PS3, would have done for sales?

Sony would be leap years ahead of MS.

When Sony turned down COD4, that was the biggest BLUNDER of all time!

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chak_4374d ago

wasn't that like 2 months we last had a COD news?


Knightofelemia4374d ago

Pseronally i think if Activision made COD4 into a WW2 game I'd ask them what they were smoking. Too many FPS games use the future as a setting for war. I find there are to many WW2 games out there I know there are fans of that but I need a break from them. COD 4 being a Modern War game I can get use to that I just wish Activision would quit screwing the customer since the game is popular by jacking up the price.

Digital Commando4374d ago

There Activision's best studio yet they seem to treat them like sh*t

JackBNimble4374d ago

I think it would be in Infinity Wards best interest to break away from Activision if at all possible.

They said it themselves...."Ward boss Vince Zampella revealed that the developer has wanted to create a modern combat game - and work on consoles - for years, but Activision's held them back".

MK_Red4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

Of course they didn't. Those idiots at Activision are afraid of any creative risks that God forbid may turn out to be excellent games. They are the ultimate milkers and if IW was not with them, COD would have already become like Guitar Hero and its millions of identical spin-offs.

MK_Red4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

EDIT- Oops, my bad. This was meant to be a reply to the post above mine (Digital Commando's).

And even then, they Activision's best treated devs! God help the rest of em... (Or the poor independent devs that had a deal with Activision as a publisher until they merged with Vivendi and left their games for death).

Redempteur4374d ago

sorry but what is saving COD form the GH treatment is the fact that there are 2 teams working on cod ( iw AND ty ).
GH is milked top the death ( and they are IMO )
COD will be once the décision to rise the prices will be proven succesfull ...

EvilTwin4374d ago

It's not just Activision -- developers and publishers know that established IP sells consistently (COD being a prime example), and new IP is a shot in the dark...sometimes you hit the mark, other times you completely miss the dart board.

The first thing a developer or publisher is looking to do is turn a profit and stay in business, not take risks that could help put them in the red.

IW was obviously proven right, but it's easy to blame the higher ups at Activision with the benefit of hindsight.

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