IGN: MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Review

This is MotorStorm, in its entirety, in a wholly new setting but without losing anything that made the series so damn fun on the PS3. Without a doubt, this is one of the best racing games you can find on the PSP. Go buy it.

Presentation - 9.0
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 8.5
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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Tinted Eyes5102d ago

Forza 3 has some competition.

remanutd555102d ago

portable LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!! i got my psp go yesterday got back home and first thing i did was to download Arctic Edge .. oh man, its freaking AWESOME !!!!! any Motorstorm FAN with a PSP MUST get Arctic Edge , everything that we ( the Motorstorm fans ) love about the series its THERE . the craziness , the adrenaline , the crashes , the AI and Arctic Edge has better handling that the previous Motorstorm games on the ps3 and even new features ( cars customization ) something that was never done in the previous Motorstorm games , so i'd say it once again ... PORTABLE LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!

Homicide5102d ago

I knew it; I f'ing knew you were going to post here.

remanutd555102d ago

lol , you know by now that im a Motorstorm fanboy lol , i just love the series , i play my Motorstorm drinking my Heinekens , oh man its a way of life !!!!! lol

jut4205102d ago


Glad to here you're enjoying the game. Motorstorm was the first racing game in a while that I've purchased because no matter how much I played it when I rented it I always wanted more. I must have rented the game like 3 times (had 12 free rentals from Gamecrazy for purchasing a console) when it first released before buying it because I'm not a big racing fan and there wasn't much of a selection of games that interested me in the PS3's early years. I might have to give this game a shot though since I don't have any racers for my PSP.

remanutd555102d ago

get it jut420 , believe me you'll love it

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Dead_Cell5102d ago

And then I decided to go out and buy Motorstorm when it first came out.
Was the best impulse purchase I ever made.

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Madeline__2089d ago

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jlove4life2089d ago

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Derekvinyard133359d ago

Vice city stories was amazing, I remember owning vice city with all prostitution rings lmao

Lord_Ranos3358d ago

That red PSP always looked beast. xD Its games are the best for mobile entertainment. Something the Vita surely needs currently.

trickman8883358d ago

God of War Chains of Olympus over God of War Ghost of Sparter?


DJ-DK7863358d ago

Maybe I should re-play Ghost of Sparta...

Th3o3358d ago

Really great choices but I would've swapped out liberation with Disgaea or a persona game... PES 3 was amazing on vita...too bad there was no free roam:(

DJ-DK7863358d ago

Thanks! Maybe I'll look into having a round with those games, could change my mind. :)

stavrami-mk23358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

monster hunter @ god eater for me