PSP Needs Less Sequels Says LocoRoco Creator

LocoRoco creator Tsutomu Kouno has told that too many of the games available for the PSP are sequels - and that he plans to redress the balance.

Speaking at the Nordic Game conference earlier this week Kouno said, "We need to make more new games for PSP, not just sequels. We have to increase the number of casual games, games that LocoRoco players will want to play."

He also said he has many new ideas for games on the PSP but that he can't make them all because he is "only one person."

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PS360WII4476d ago

well that's an understatment. I'm sure he's upset a little for his is making a sequel for the handheld... what can you do.

gta_cb4476d ago

just because he is making a sequal doesnt mean he cant think it needs less of them... maybe hes saying it only needs his sequals ;)

gta_cb4476d ago

i agree (with the title) give my PSP some new games! =D

P.S. although i am looking forward to getting God of War: Chains of Olympus =D (a sequal from the PS2... unless it doesnt count as it was on another platform...)