Nintendo has turned the tables on Sony writes how in just a few short years Nintendo has managed to completely dominate games retail in Japan by taking up prime spaces in shops relegating the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the fringes. Last generation the PS2 ruled but now demand for the DS and Wii is so great that second hand DS's are selling at higher than their retail prices.

The article questions whether the same thing could happen in Western countries and conclude it's pretty unlikely thanks to the greater success of the Xbox 360 and PS3 and how "Sony's dominance is arguably even greater [in Europe] than it was in Japan a few years ago."

Another point made is how it's the casual gaming market that has created success for Nintendo opening up gaming to a whole new audience
and how the opportunity is there for Western companies to do the same and appeal to this new demographic of casual gamers.

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Babylonian4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

But it just isn't the big next-gen pusher. It's just a Nintendo, I have always enjoyed them and I will get a Wii. But what I mean is that people mainly buy Zelda, Mario, Metroid and other Nintendo games when they get a Wii. I like the Nintendo experience. But I like the PlaySation experience even more, it's more diverse you know.

My point is: the Wii is nice, next to your PS3 or 360. I would go for the PS3 as it's more multimedia and it will probably turn out as it's predecessors, I for one will get a Wii and a PS3 (and a PSP, just for MGS: PO and Killzone and those others sweet games).

HandShandy4173d ago

It's for the sake of stupidity and argument that these things get posted.

Xbox360 and PS3 (Proper Next Gen games consoles/media centres)

Wii (Lower spec games console/novelty)

Should really be a peripheral - like the eye toy.

I would sure like to See Halo 3 or MGS4 on the Wii? What the heck are you more excited about Red Steel or Wii sports? OR the big Sony and Microsoft Titles.... yeah thought so. Put the wii back in the box.

The DS is the only dedicated hand held gaming console so no wonder it's winning in it's single market. The PSP is a different product with a different use aiming at a different market. Kinda like a Kettle and a Fighter plane.

kingboy4173d ago

The Wii`s already at 7 million units sold worldwide & still going strong

Babylonian4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

But the Wii is selling because of the impulse behaviour of the consumor towards it. Why, well there are a couple of reasons for that:
- The price is very appealing when compared to the 360 or PS3
- The controls are quite unique for a console
- Appeals to many casual gamers

Why is the PS3 not selling that much (even tough I think it's doing quite well when compared to it predecessors and it's current situation):
- It's the most expensive of the three
- There aren't many games for it, if you go to a store you see more PS2 games which is pretty logical
- Many, many consumors still have and enjoy the PS2. It is still supported, it has a great library. The console is cheap and widely available even the games are cheap.

So what do I think will happen in the future? Well eventually the PS2 will become obsolete, the PS3 will have a reduced price and a good library by that time. If the PS3 price is reduced people will give the favor more to the PS3 than the Wii, why? It's very simple, the PS3 is now considered more as a luxury item. When the price of such an item reduces, people go out and buy more of it then a convinience item (Not saying Wii is a convinience item but it is next to the 360 and PS3)

I think the majority of the people who own a PS2 will buy a PS3, of course not everyone but the majority will. Reasons? Maybe brand loyality or to use their old library of games, you name it.

@ Mighty Boom
The Neo-Geo wasn't a well established and proven brand now was it? The PlaySation brand is known by many people and it sometimes is the equalivent of videogames in general to some people, just like Nintendo was with the NES and SNES.

You have to come with a better argument.

Mighty Boom4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

The NEO-GEO was considered a luxury item too. Where is it now???


The PS3 has a niche market by virtue of its price, i.e. "Luxury Item." Sony should take a look at historically expensive consoles and learn from others failures. At this price point Sony is doomed to fail. Brand loyalty means nothing.

Keyser4173d ago

though unlike the failure consoles the PS3 has a tried and true library of games and a larger 1st party studio cranking out games that have gathered interest. The failure consoles were never coveted, there were machines that had no popular games to support them. THe PS3 has almost the entire PS2 library to go back to or create new games which they've done.

If you will pay $400 to game more than likely you'll pay $600 as long as you don't have to pay for both at one time. The PS3 has quite a few advantages over the failed consoles of yester year:

Bigger past library of games
More original games
The largest fan base (PS2)
More 3rd party support
More marketing
3 million sold in 6 months

That makes it less likely to fall into the pool of failed consoles. Anything is possible but a lot of stuff isn't probable.

PS360WII4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

It's a breath of fresh air for the business. First of all it's going to put Sony and MS in high gear to pump out some nice software (big win for all) another is Wii is capitalizing on the PS2 success (so as long as sony supports ps2 they are in fact helping Wii) almost any game made for ps2 now is coming out on Wii except of coarse for sony only games. Third it's making devs think about something other than ports or sequels. 3rd party teams in order to sell on a Nintendo platform cannot make what Nintendo does nor make what they always do. Thus making them think outside the box and produce even better games. So once they start thinking outside of the box for Nintendo they can then also apply that to the other 2! Another win for everyone.

Obviously Nintendo wants you to just buy Nintendo (what company would promote buying ones rival) but agreeing with what Babylonian was getting to is that Wii is a great console that goes well with either the PS3 or 360 or even both. With the cost of it in the first place plus games being $10 dollars less and sometimes more it is made possible to get another console for the other fuctions on them.

PeeStree4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Wii is for kids ages 6 to 12. Wii is for kids and family reunions.

They can sell 300 mill, but if somebody really bought a Wii over a PS3 or a 360 with nextgen on his mind must be shot on sight..

whoever (over 13) that buys a Wii has very little gaming time on his hands or just simply likes queer nintendo games..

Is like cars, cheap ones always sell a lot more. The more expensive and luxurious don't sell that much, but they still meet expectations and they always get bought by people who have the money and by people who likes a little bit of quality in their car..

PS: Expensive cars always compensate less sales with price :P . Just like the PS3, but with the little difference that PS3 will sell a LOT.

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