EA: Whoever Takes Europe Wins Console War

Gerhard Florin, Electronic Arts's international publishing head has said that the biggest fight for gamers will be in Europe and that, "Whoever wins the hardware war in Europe, most likely will be the overall winner" in relation to the 360, PS3 and Wii.

Speaking at the Reuters Technology, Media and Telecoms summit he also said that technology had already done so much for the industry that it was now turning its attention to improving the quality of story telling and bringing more emotion into gaming. He hopes that the time will come when technology has evolved so much that they will be able to focus purely on gameplay rather than realism.

He also talked about how mobile phones will be important in driving revenues across the industry especially with new casual customers but that they still have technological hurdles to overcome.

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Counter_ACT4175d ago

The PS3's European record breaking launch should pay off then. :D

calderra4175d ago

An 80+% dropoff in sales after the first week and quickly falling to third in overall sales doesn't look so good, though.

jaydesi4175d ago

they need to start releasing games the same time and jap and US releases, instead of us waiting 1-2 yrs for a top release.

Deadlyhifi4175d ago

With all due respect to PS3's record breaking launch it hasn't done much since!

I don't know anyone that has one at all. I know people that have Wii's and 360's and people that have both. In no way am I being biased, I'm not at school age so I dunno what the kids are getting!! Just telling it as I see it. I think the 360 has definatley done better than the original xbox and the Wii has shocked everyone! The PS3 is just too expensive and at the moment doesn't have much going for it.

Odion4175d ago

I don't get it, how does winning 30% of the gaming community win you the war? NA accounts for almost 50% of all gamers

Phlapp4175d ago

Where are those numbers from?

shikwan4175d ago (Edited 4175d ago )

These stories are REALLY getting old & BORING!!

FACT: MS came out first, has the sales lead (over Sony), has more games, has a more robust online service and a lower price tag.

FACT: Sony is selling the PS3 as a cheap BluRay player when in fact it IS an expensive Game Console.

PREDICTIONS: Sony will take the lead ________.
A. This X-mas
B. In 2008
C. If they do well in Europe
D. Never
E. When they lower the price.

These 'prediction' stories are just lame & hopeful attempts at qwelling the who put their money into PS3.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4175d ago

These are just flame bait storys it should reach 30 or more comments.

alsef074175d ago

Ps3 and cheap dont mix

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The story is too old to be commented.