Which home console should you buy?

A lot has changed since the Xbox 360 debuted in November of 2005. After what has seemed like dozens of upgrades, improvements, omissions, price drops, and bundles, the dust has settled (for now) and we're left with three competitively priced consoles.

Such an evenly matched trio of hardware makes for the perfect time to reignite the ultimate question for prospective video game console buyers: which home console should you buy?

This question doesn't necessarily have a definitive answer. Quite frankly, the answer could be any of the three. In other words, there is no default "best console." It's about finding the one that's right for you--and what will be the deciding factor in your case will ultimately depend on what you plan to use the console for. That said, in lieu of detailing every last bit of functionality that each console offers, let's discuss the type of person we think would benefit most from each console.

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Real Gambler5175d ago

Only thing that tickle me a bit is: "Home is now generally regarded as a dud." As far as I'm concerned, it's more work in progress. The fact that it's still beta also give a big clue. And 8 millions regular visitors and tons of microtransaction also keep it out of the dud category. If somebody doesn't see the potential, then they probably didn't saw the potential of the first Xbox Live either and today, Live prove them wrong... You have to start somewhere!

5175d ago
randomwiz5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

I guess Audi decided to spend money making a Home space because "Home is a dud"

Bill Gates5175d ago

Besides, when you choose a 360 you're only letting others know just how STUPID you ready are....AHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

Bumpmapping5175d ago (Edited 5175d ago )

lol 360 is a pile of dog sh!t

OGharryjoysticks5174d ago (Edited 5174d ago )

The 360 is best for "anyone who wants a good all-in-one gaming and entertainment system" because he also says "Beyond all of its impressive media capabilities, the Xbox 360 is also an excellent game machine"

I tried to find some exciting lines about the PS3 to clip and paste here from the article, but "The biggest annoyance" is only found on PS3.

Basically the vocabulary and tones used to describe each system is fanboy slant. While the writer voices his "annoyance" with the blutooth on PS3 he wasn't even annoyed by the 360 RROD and clearly tries his best to sell you that those are problems of the past.

So if I'm Sherlock Holmes I say this guy owns a 360 that he bought right when they came out (which has RROD on him at least twice just not in the last 2 months), and a Wii.

Oh, and I bet you a tenner he doesn't even own a PS3 :)

Silence5174d ago

I had completely forgot about him until I saw your avatar. Bubbles up for the nostalgia

Oh, as for the article, get a PS3, you know you can afford it now ;)

Marty83705174d ago

PS3 don't need crappy netflix when it has 1080p Blu-rays.

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