Dead Space 2 - first details

Via CVG: A Visceral Games job ad has leaked confirmation of Dead Space 2, revealing that the 360 and PS3 follow-up is currently in pre-production with the original team.

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manwich254377d ago

I need my fill of strategic dismemberment

bageara4377d ago

Very excited for this game...very!

joydestroy4377d ago

this should release towards the end of next year hopefully. it's one of my most anticipated! can't wait. such an amazing original IP.

chak_4377d ago

wait... no PC? screw you EA if that's the case.

GameOn4377d ago

I heard a lot of PC users had big problems with Dead Space.

4377d ago
GameOn4377d ago

I just remember looking at their forums and there being a lot of very unhappy pc owners who just couldn't get the game to run.

Keowrath4377d ago

It was my mate who had the game on PC who talked me into getting it. I know he loved it and had zero issues...

I am glad he did =)

He was gutted he didn't have the exclusive PS3 obsidian suit when he saw me playing it =p

STONEY44377d ago (Edited 4377d ago )

The game ran fine on my PC and was smooth as hell too. I'm pretty sure they're making a PC version, but even if they're not, I have a PS3 too.

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GameOn4377d ago

Does that mean we wont see this game till 2011? I was hoping for it to release next year.

Ghostsmoker4377d ago

part 2 of this awesome game. I really love Dead Space ... it's so much better than the most horror-survival games.

darkecho4377d ago

It was a pretty good game, I just felt it could have been MUCH shorter. Maybe the sequel will find the right balance between an awesome game and when to say "goodbye".

Rockox4377d ago

Take as much time as you need, boys. The first Dead Space was excellent (if not a couple levels too long IMO) and I look forward to the next one.

Wish I could say the same for the next Resident Evil. :(

joydestroy4377d ago

i thought it was too short personally so i'm hoping they tack on a few extra hours

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The story is too old to be commented.