Video reveals next-gen Black Noise Engine

Most Wanted Entertainment have released a video for their next-gen Black Noise Engine.

Right after its establishment, the company began working on a proprietary game engine. The engine was carefully designed and built from scratch by the company's specialists. It will serve as a base for the development of modern and competitive games for the PC and next-gen consoles. The graphics engine has support for the newest hardware on the market and will push the boundaries of game visuals. The innovative and developer-friendly game editor offers fast and comfortable working experience; it can be used not only as a level editor but also for adjusting graphics parameters; it has support for HDRI and shaders among others; it also features particle and post-effect support.

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PS360WII4225d ago

That was looking sharp for sure. Pretty cool to see all these things teams are doing for games

_insane_cobra4225d ago

Actually, right now the engine is targeting only PC and Xbox 360 platforms, not PlayStation 3 which you also listed in the header. Look here for confirmation:

or check out the studio's official website:


Maddens Raiders4225d ago

article reads ,"It will serve as a base for the development of modern and competitive games for the PC and next-gen consoles." If you think the application will only be used for the PC and 360 only then you're just a blind fanboy. That's like saying that Havok's engine is only for PC and Playstation 3. Silly rabbit.

BTW - the video looked really cool.

_insane_cobra4225d ago

That press release in Hungarian is more recent (05/15/2007) and it only lists PC and Xbox 360 as currently supported platforms.

Antan4225d ago

Impressive texture work.

Legionaire20054225d ago (Edited 4225d ago )

WOW!!! this tech demo looks like a completely finish version of Mercenaries 2 and GTA 4. This is what a sandbox title should already look like. Finally the true next generation games are coming soon. No more canned or scripted AI, no more invisible walls, and more havoc physics in a fully interactive environments. Been waiting for this kind of game for a long time now.

Cartesian3D4225d ago

and sth I love till I was 13 ... after 8 years.. I didnt see a REALLY full DISTRUCTIBLE world.. I want to shoot walls and anthing I want and destroy them :P.. I want to shoot at a bottle and then enemy Hear that voice and going to sound source to find me..

I want a really complex AI ... FPS and shooters games get boring soon.. ( they just fun not intelligent needed just skill .. )

amazing engine BTW..

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The story is too old to be commented.