Gamer Limit DLC Review: Left 4 Dead's Crash Course

Gamer Limit reviews the DLC for Left for Dead.Note this is free for all you pc gamers and costs 7 bucks for Xbox 360 owners

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DarkBlood4324d ago

so do i need to go into my copy of l4d to download the dlc or do i need to find it on steam cuz if i do im having no luck

Paradise Lost4324d ago

No if you already have l4d on steam it should be downloaded, try opening the game and see if you see crash course.

Btw it's a great update =D

Austin_SJ4324d ago

Having free updates for PCs is great, it's just a pity that so much emphasis is placed on consoles, just because profit is higher.

Ninji4324d ago

lol @ paying for FREE content.