10.0 Uncharted 2 Review

Uncharted 2 is one of the most thoroughly games ever, even if it is not perfect. It is packed to the small details that make a lot of gameplay and experience, and examined in minute detail without revealing any flaws. It is only if you have very hard for this kind of adventure with much gunfire mixed with climbing and problem solving that you may not be hit. Otherwise, this is a must buy and one of the best reasons to buy a Playstation 3.

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talltony4242d ago

I think all the xbots have just givin up today lmao!

TheBlackSmoke4242d ago

Uncharted 2 review day = Bots leave n4g for a day, day.

dustgavin4242d ago

This game is amazing. I am loving the demo they released today!

pokeystaples4243d ago

Did some kind of second embargo lift or what? Reviews are just pouring on today.

JRaptor4243d ago

Yup...they all flooded in at once. This review counts on metacritic too....which is holding pretty strong at 98 :)

gaffyh4242d ago

I think the embargo lifted about 5 hours ago, the reviews all seem to be flooding in since then.

SnuggleBandit4242d ago

I'm guessing i'll end up at a solid 97 or 96 when its all said and done. EDGE, Gamespot, and Destructoid all left to weigh in.

Cobalt404242d ago

king kong is in the house and there isnt an empire state building in sight.

Saaking4242d ago

Metacritic is holding up at 98. Currently the highest rated exclusive this gen (SMG comes in second at 97). So far it's all great.

Blaster_Master4242d ago

Dude, there is more then Uncharted 2 that gives reasons why you should already have a ps3. If your a gamer, then you already have one. If your just a noob, then I feel bad for ya.

ar4242d ago

They said best, not only.

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Bumpmapping4243d ago

Jesus more reviews? Wheres all NGS2 reviews?! Oh well another 10 making it 9.7 average score :)

Sarcasm4242d ago

It's going to be GOTY at many different sources.

But for some reason, I feel a few are going to pick MW2. And who knows, it MIGHT deserve it.

But my choice is Uncharted 2.

PS3istheshit4242d ago

ill bet you money worth over 9000!!!!!!!
or ill buy U2 because its not on the 360
lol most people arent buying ODST
the tables have turned and my balls have dropped over 9000!!!!! meters

(sorry im too excited after playing the Uncharted 2 demo... NINE THOUSAND!!!!

Pwee4242d ago

Those 10's just keep pouring in!

commodore644242d ago

IT's weird how they gave it 10/10, yet the openly proclaim that:

"Uncharted 2 is one of the most thoroughly games ever, even if it is not perfect."

If it ain't perfect, then why give it 10?

Fanboys reviewing again?

PirateThom4242d ago

10/10 doesn't mean "perfect", it means it provides an unmatched experience.

If 10/10 was perfect, no game would ever have got 10/10.

commodore644242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

hmm .. 'unmatched experience'?
'unmatched' implies 'without-equal'

At what point does a 10/10 'unmatched experience' become more unmatched than a 9.8/10 'unmatched experience'?
The fact that no further increase in score is possible, implies that the maximum has been attained. ergo: Perfection.

Also, UC2 is not he first game, nor the last game, to garner the moniker of 'unmatched experience'

Thus, how can 10/10 mean 'unmatched experience' when in fact, other games have already been deemed 'unmatched' by your logic?

I think 10/10 cannot possibly mean 'unmatched experience' at all.

Maybe a better way to say it, would be 10/10 means:

'a fabulous game in every respect to which we award our top mark, which does not necessarily mean it is perfect or unmatched'.

YogiBear4242d ago

I think someone is scared and they have been on damage control since the reviews have rolled in.

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