First footage from SOCOM on PS3

The same great SOCOM you know and love is going next-gen. Confrontation is going to be a downloadable game, just like the forthcoming Warhawk. But this new SOCOM will also be released on a Blu-ray disc in a traditional retail package. Hit the video link below for the HD version.

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tony6249d ago

i'm sure this is on the beta stage , cause it looks like a gamecube game.

Sashy6249d ago


"The demo we got to see of Confrontation was said to be the result of only four to five months' worth of development, in which case it's looking pretty impressive."

Thats really impressive. So you can imagine the final game.

BlackIceJoe6249d ago (Edited 6249d ago )

So the rumor was true. I have to say I can't wait to play SOCOM online.
This game is the one I really want to push the limits of PSN. Having lots of people in online play is a must. Plus SOCOM in the past pushed the limits on the PS2 so I hope to see the same with the PS3 version.

Plus I got to say I like the different views. You can see that Zipper is adding a view like in Gears of war. Almost a First person view. This way you can make every one happy first person fans and even third person fans. I also think its great to see that SOCOM has not made the jump yet to being a First Person game.

r10006249d ago


thank goodness it's not...

seriously if "ANOTHER" FPS comes out I don't know what the hell I'm going to do....

and whats funny is the majority of gamers still get excited when another FPS comes out....

MikeMichaels6248d ago

This game isn't being done by Zipper anymore. They gave the series to a Vancouver game company.

I have mixed feelings about this.

shysun6248d ago

Socom has alway had a FP view.I use that more than 3rdPV.I kick much ass in Socom bro!;)

bigmack6249d ago

this game is gonna kicka$$

Torch6249d ago

We've been seeing more new titles than Paris Hilton has felony charges.

That's a lot.

Sony's really pushing PSN downloadable content, eh? If the prices are right, and the goods are decent, then that's absolutely fine by me.