Gamespot: SOCOM: Confrontation First Look

Sony finally takes the wraps off its first, online-only, PS3-only installment of its popular shooter series, and Gamespot is there to see it.

Preview Excerpt:
"You knew it was coming. Sony's SOCOM online shooters have quietly remained among the most enduring franchises on the PlayStation 2, as well as one of the most popular reasons to suffer that system's disagreeable online sign-up process. What better way to bolster the PlayStation 3's cachet with the competitive online multiplayer crowd than with a new PlayStation 3-only edition of everyone's favorite Navy SEAL-oriented shooter series? Indeed, Sony has just taken the wraps off of SOCOM: Confrontation, the first game in the franchise for the PS3, and you might be surprised at the direction Sony and development newcomer, Vancouver-based Slant Six, are taking with the title.

We won't beat around the bush: Confrontation is going to be a downloadable game, just like the forthcoming Warhawk. But this new SOCOM will also be released on a Blu-ray disc in a traditional retail package. Sony isn't saying yet what that means for the scope of Confrontation's gameplay and content. They're also not saying if the two releases will happen simultaneously, but at least they've confirmed the game is being aimed at a "holiday" release window. We do know the game will lack a single-player component--it's also like Warhawk in that it's made for online play only."

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P4KY B4199d ago

Not quite as good as Call of Duty 4 though.

Either way i'll probably end up getting both.

achira4199d ago

how can you compare that game with cod4 ? lol, ppl are crazzy novadays.

P4KY B4199d ago

How foolish of me.
I should have compared it to Battlefield 2 on the xbox1.

COD4 is way ahead of SOCOM graphically.

Vojkan4199d ago

Im not Socom fan but i like to check every game just to see how they look and i have to say i wasn't that much impressed. But than again Socom was never graphic showcase, it is more about gameplay, wright?


this game looks good
never played socom before

i will check this one out

kingboy4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

The socom series has never been about graphics but awesome tactical guerilla warfare.i`m glad they`re taking it back to the roots when socom 1 had concentrated maps like (Desert Glory)[email protected] down..!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.