Motorola RAZR 2

The original Motorola RAZR phone was a huge success around the world thanks to its ultra thin, stylish looks. T3 take a look at this new model which retains the original's sleekness but adds some unique new features.

For one thing there's now a 2 inch screen on the outside of the phone, not only that but it's touch sensitive and incorporates "haptics" technology which responds when you touch it. For example when you skip through tracks in the media player it'll vibrate accordingly.

To prevent accidental touches, the screen is also heat sensitive so that only the warmth of human hands will trigger it. Check out the video below to see the phone in action.

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BBsin4267d ago

Forget about Motorola. I recently bought the Moto Razr v3, and returned it. Exchanged it for the Moto Krzr, returned it, Exchanged it for the Q and ended up returning it. Now i bought the Palm Treo 700wx and i'm never going back. The Treo makes these phones look like a joke.

AzaziL4267d ago

honestly, i'm sick of these trend-setting phones, people having to get a new one every year just because it's a fashion accessory. never saw what was so great about the RAZR, there's plenty of other phones of better quality with more features that are cheaper, but people will always do what the ADs tell em to do, sigh.

Karebear4267d ago

and absolutely love it! Its a great phone, gets the best reception I've ever had on a phone, and its FAST on the 3G data network. Pretty much everything I need. :)

Sly4267d ago

Looks like a great phone but im planing to get an Iphone