Uncharted 2: Among Thieves screen captures

A user over at the PSU forums has posted some screen shots of Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 exclusive, Uncharted 2.

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Isaahc4871d ago


Cyrax_874871d ago

I laughed so hard when about 7 of the pics (in a row) were of chloe's and elena's asses.

Syronicus4871d ago

gonna melt my face off. Cannot wait for this game to hit the store shelves. Man is it looking beautiful.

likedamaster4870d ago

Meh... looks average, nothing mindblowing. I'm sure it will still be good. Always loved the easy controls, platforming, and story of Uncharted.

rockleex4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

That THESE screenshots are average?

Or are you saying the GAME looks average? <_<

And just to let you know, these are screenshots from the multiplayer beta.

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jack_burt0n4871d ago

Damn someone needs to capture chloes strut that is some mighty fine motion capture right there.

Def AAAssets.

Isaahc4871d ago

yep definitely some AAAssets :D

TheColbertinator4871d ago

Now that is ass from next-gen gaming.Nice work Naughty Dog

wxer4871d ago

better than that ass in Bayonetta

iMad4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

I thought GFX will be better...Sony fans claimed it is the best GFX...well nothing special for me. i can see good art design only.

and people say it's boring in the begining and in the end.. Tomb raider meets Gears of War. i predict average sales.

good ass-ets btw :)

Cyrax_874871d ago

and by "people" you mean 360 fanboys? The story's been getting nothing but praise, I think you're thinking of another game.

wxer4871d ago

why the hell would you predict "average sales" ??

the first one sold 2.5 million
1- no MP
2- less scores
3- barnd new IP no one knew about
4- no adds what so ever

this one well sell far more than the first one

Shane Kim4871d ago

Bahahah, like someone gives a damn about what you think iFlop. I bet you're one of those iMac users so you're probably used to pay big bucks buy buy inferior products. Like your sh!tbox babhahaha.

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stonecold34871d ago

next fornight cant wait for uncharted 2 less than 3 weeks to go yay

Teddybee4871d ago

I just dont know how to take a screenie on the EU U2 beta in cinema mode

LukaX234871d ago

In Cinema Mode: Hit square and select the icon on the far left once you're ready to take the shot.

Teddybee4871d ago

Doesn't seem to work, square just gets rid of the play/pause/slow option on the screen

Mighty Healthy4870d ago

I believe you have to have a hdtv for it to work.

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