Atari And Microsoft Bank On Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited has been a long time in the making and both Atari and Microsoft are hanging out for the completion of the game so that they can demonstrate the latest in gaming technology.

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xX OOH RAH Xx6176d ago

How will it work, as far as modes & how many can play at a time?

Nodoze6176d ago

....they update the car phyics! The demo was not a good highlight, in that all the cars were akins to bricks with wheels. I hope that they have improved the 'feel' of the associated cars in the game. If they have, we could be in for a major hit with this game!

omansteveo6176d ago

This ame is gonna be pretty exciting i cant wait finally somethin new to the racing genre

PS360PCROCKS6176d ago

What?! This game looks unbelievable and this is a good story number 1 you would know your answer if you read it. but it's 8 at once and the cars constantly change as you drive, so everyone is on all the time but the 8 nearest cars are shown and updated at all times. But this is good Atari is caring, because they've been around a while and I dont want to see them go under.

PS3sux360inchWiiWii6176d ago

this is the first racing game I've been into since Mario Kart and Cruisin (yeah Im a little old school).