Critical Gamer’s Best of Gen (so far)

Critical Gamer writes: We’re not saying that the following titles are inarguably the very best on offer; that would be silly. They’ve stood out against some pretty darn stiff competition however, and so please allow us to explain – in no particular order – why.

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10 Most Underrated Third-Person Shooters

GF365: "Here are our picks for the ten most underrated third-person shooters that you might not have played before or even known about."

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neutralgamer1992213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Actually great list TBH I agree with all 10

I hope one day we get some remakes for the following

The saboteur(with a proper remake and quality of life features this game could be great)
Scarface world is yours
Binary domain ( such a great game with great story)
GUN(this needs a remake)
Space marine 40k(such fun time)

Would also like to suggest adding the mercenary series even the 2nd game which is disliked by many is a fun time

cthulhucultist213d ago

I recently finished Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and found it to be very enjoyable.

The game respected the lore and the gameplay was quite decent.

The color palette was a bit underwhelming (backdrops and setting) and recycled but I think that it deserved better.

Here's hoping for an amazing sequel

Vengeance1138213d ago

Space Marine II !! My most anticipated game of 2023! Woot


15 Years Later, Mario Kart Wii Remains an Absolute Blast

For a lot of people, Mario Kart Wii was their introduction to the franchise, and what a terrific introduction they had.

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badboyz09232d ago

Lego 2K Drive next month looking‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥 ‎️‍🔥


Binary Domain: Remember Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's Sci-Fi Shooter?

Step into a dystopian world full of robots and cyborgs with Binary Domain – the sci-fi shooter game from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. Let's revisit this classic!

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shinoff2183265d ago

I personally enjoyed this when I played it. I know it wasnt reviewed well but f em

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masterfox264d ago

pretty solid third person shooter played from start to finish, also there is another great third person shooter game from that time and very unique called Inversion.

porkChop264d ago

Inversion was cool. It was made by the same team behind TimeShift, another really cool but flawed shooter.

HeliosHex264d ago

Yeah this was a good game despite poor reviews.

Hofstaderman264d ago

I still have my copy. It’s a brilliant game despite the reviews.

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