Splinter Cell Conviction: The Rules are Changing

In time for the holiday season this year, the Splinter Cell franchise is going to receive its fifth installment on Xbox 360 and PC. To say that things are going to be different this time around for Sam Fisher is the understatement of the year. Conviction is taking the idea that the Splinter Cell franchise is just a series of stealth games and tossing it right out of the window. The gameplay mechanic of hiding in the shadows while patiently waiting for the perfect moment to get the drop on a terrorist has been scrapped in favor of a more active style of play. The famous night vision goggles and gadget bag are gone. Fisher's immediate surroundings will become his inventory. Sam Fisher is the new Jason Bourne, constantly hunted and forced to improvise around every corner.

Conviction is so different from what Splinter Cell fans are used to seeing that at first glance you might wonder what makes UbiSoft think this should even be called a sequel to the critically acclaimed and groundbreaking series. That's why the first of IGN's five days of Splinter Cell Conviction coverage begins with the evolution of the franchise and how Conviction continues to hold true to the philosophy behind the series.

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vidoardes4172d ago

Well if they can pull this style of gameplay off, this will be one hell of a game (which I will have to get on PC unfortunatly). The bourne series are fantastic, and if the can succesfully translate it to gameplay the this will be a huge seller, and a possible rival to MGS4.

kcdude4172d ago

As if the current Splinter Cell's aren't already a rival to Metal Gear Solid????

The Snake4172d ago

I like the direction the series is taking. Chaos Theory kicked the series into high gear and I still say it was the best. I think Double Agent was pretty good, but I like to see Ubisoft Montreal making a new one. Theirs tend to be better than the Shanghai teams' SC games.