How DS Stole the Tokyo Game Show

Roger at GamingVice writes:

"Who would've thunk that Nintendo's little handheld would have the lineup of games that has been impressing the most at TGS this year (where Nintendo's presence wasn't even official)? A Level 5 / Studio Ghibli RPG, the Okami sequel, a Professor Layton RPG and a new IP from Capcom are all present and are helping to cement the Nintendo DS' place in the gaming industry worldwide for years to come."

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SpoonyRedMage5108d ago

All three of those games look great and the pre-rendered(and hand drawn?) backgrounds of Ninokuni look beautiful.

GWAVE5108d ago

It's sad that the "console wars" get all the attention when the handheld platforms (both the DS and the PSP) have been getting SO MANY awesome games.

Actually, I would say that handheld gamers saw more stuff for their platform of choice at TGS than the console gamers did.

Rdilui25108d ago

Ninokuni really does look to be the head of the TGS DS lineup if only for its visuals.

TheColbertinator5108d ago

Level 5 is kicking ass.Watch and learn how a truly talented developer does RPGs.

SpoonyRedMage5108d ago

It's not like there's a lack of truly talented RPG developers working on the DS though.:P

Rdilui25108d ago

Not that I don't love Level 5 but Square-Enix has been churning out some great DS RPGs too this generation and their upcoming stuff looks great too.

Foxgod5108d ago

Imho, that Zelda clone from EA for the DS looks awesome too!

Rdilui25108d ago

I forgot to even mention that Japanese market oriented EA Zelda clone in my article! Man, DS' lineup really has been stellar at this year's show.

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Might Be the Most Underrated Zelda Game Ever

Tears of the Kingdom may be about to become everyone's new favorite, but there's one DS game that deserves more shine.

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GoodGuy09133d ago

Nah, it deserved it. I hated the ds games lol.


After 35 Years, Which Version of Link and Zelda Is The Best?

KeenGamer: "Nothing says gaming royalty like the iconic duo of Link and Zelda. Let's discuss which version of the duo is best, spanning the entire franchise. There are some versions of the characters that are more memorable and recognisable than others."

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Shiken892d ago

For me...

Wind Waker
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword

These are the best Link's in that order IMO based on their backstory and general percieved personality in my eyes. Since he is silent in the eyes of the player, gotta rely on hidden backstory, motivations, and interactions with other characters to define the personality part.

Inverno892d ago

Definitely Wind Waker, up until Tetra turned into Zelda which magically stripped her of her spunkyness. But once she's back to being Tetra she's definitely the most badass of the incarnations. This wasn't Link and because of that we got a character that earned the triforce and rised up to be a hero.

AuraAbjure892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

A strong case.

892d ago
AuraAbjure892d ago (Edited 892d ago )

OoT. Link's most masculine physique plus just look at how hard that version of Zelda pwns in Super Smash Bros Melee.

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autobotdan923d ago

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword lol

BrainSyphoned923d ago

My kid yesterday proclaimed he liked the DS more than the Switch because the controls work on the go. Then I asked if he would rather have Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Steam or Switch and he chose Steam. So proud!

jamesclark1991923d ago

Where the FUCK is Majoras Mask? 🙄

BlackDoomAx922d ago

What about some Switch exclusive ?