Lost Planet 2 - PS3 vs 360 comparison: PS3 demo pips 360 demo

Gameswire's uploaded 15 head-to-head shots of the Lost Planet 2 demo, and has concluded that the PS3 version looks slightly better than the 360 demo.

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Tinted Eyes4319d ago

And the Multiplat argument starts to slowly dissapear.

Tsar4ever014319d ago

As I compared the 2, The 1st thing I notice that how impress I was with the way the PS3 version turned out. Especially after reading how poorly the 1st game was ported. It is slightly brighter, and I still see the jaggies. BUT I saw rain & water on flowing off the characters on the x360 version where I didn't notice any on the Ps3 version. But we have to TO GIVE CAPCOM their props for porting this game so well so EVERYBODY can enjoy this title regardless of witch console you buy it on.

The Killer4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

the comparison is not taken at same time same place which it doesnt show much.

in some pictures 350 looked better and in some ps3!! i realized most of ps3 pictures was taken when there is a movement while the 360 is still!!

this comparison dont show or proof anything!!

AND any multiplatform games dont show which system is better because it all depend on what the devs used to and what tools they have and money spent on it and time!!!

when it comes to which systmen can do better games we should see the exclusives!!

ultimolu4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

...B-But the multiplats! ;_;

And the argument slowly disappears. And then the disagrees are slammed.

Cold 20004319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Getting the 360 version.

chaosatom4319d ago

Simply Bravo on Capcom's part.

The gameplay and camera could use more work, but they really did a amazing work with the setting.

FlipMode4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

I expect someone to bring up Ghostbusters to prove their point and do some damage control. lol

SevWolf4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Haven't played the PS3 demo yet...I'm downloading it right now...I played the 360 one and was impressed, the graphics are actually good, the videos online don't do it justice :P...after Im done downloading the PS3 version, the first thing im doing is comparing them :D
EDIT: Just took a look at the link and like The Killer said, this is a horrible comparison, all the pics don't match and most of the PS3 ones are during movement

Panthers4319d ago

Those 2 pictures are very different. The PS3 pic as wayyyy to much motion going on. We need better comparisons.

Masamori Sumimura4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Fanboys dont use Their Brains when it comes to these type of stuff.
they keep spamming the disagree button but dont even take the time to actually look at the pictures.

What killer said is very true. the pictures arent even taken at the same time and at the same angles and the settings are different. So how can they conclude that the PS3 version is better?

even if the PS3 version was better he should use the same pictures for the comparison.

even the story's picture is a Fail because they are comparing 2 different images.

please use your brains @ the fanboys.

Saaking4319d ago

TERRIBLE comparison. I played both demos and to me they looked the same.

Noob4319d ago


And in this picture, the PS3 version looks better to me.

But again, the pictures are too different. A better comparison is needed.

Ozzyb4319d ago

If you're going to compare two versions, use the same damn scenes. Whenever there is a still scene with reflective lighting it looks better than the other. Whenever there is motion in a shadow, it doesn't look as good. If you're not equipped to do proper comparisons, don't.

Jinxstar4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

It's just dumb to compare demos when they clearly state at the beginning that it's not the final version and still in development...



is not a credible source at all.

what is this?

this is gameplay of the 360 version and it doesn't even look like what it does in the comparison.

mastiffchild4319d ago

I've not found any real issues with either if I'm honest. Some fella was trying to tell me how awful the PS3 version was this moring on hjere but it simlay isn't true-there's nothing really between them and it's a really good looking multi plat if the demos are much to go by.

The best thing is that the DS3, being the reason I mainly prefer multi plats on the PS3 feels a lot better for me on LP2 than using the 360 pad did last time out when the PS3 port was NOT woprth playing. Hopefully they'l find many PS3 gamers as forgiving as me when this drops or it's better 360 history(earlier and way better release of LP1)will see it's PS3 sales stunted. This is why the equal performance of the demo was really needed and, for once from me this generation-well done Capcom, keep it up!

Please, though, remember I'm not knocking the 360 pad(well except for not being available in a mirror image for leftys like myself which, I think, is my main issue apart from everyone's with that D-pad!)and it's just the preference of a lefty with small, artistic mitts!

All this said I do find the fact this guy was telling me I was blind if I didn't see the 360 demo was higher res, better FPS, less tearing and was a million tmes better than the PS3 demo rather odd. Do people get so loyal to a company that they really are deluded about these things? I went back to have another look and stil thought there was very little difference and not anywhere near enough to say one was definitey "better"-though I suppose he'd say I'm mental! Oh well.

gaffyh4319d ago

I don't like the comparison pics, they should be from the exact same point in the game, you can't really tell which one looks better, apart from the 360 version looking slightly washed out.

morganfell4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

This comparison means little. The only time it is of consequence is with a major seller - such as the Modern Warfare series and then they are so close it is all machts nichts.

What is defining is the visual strength of exclusives and in that regard the PS3 has no equal....

EDIT: Disagree if you like, it will not alter the facts. Late at night with the covers pulled over your head the truth remains. The PS3 is a true next gen console, designed to evolve, and THE visual render powerhouse of this generation.

Uncharted 2 FTW.

HolyOrangeCows4319d ago

It's been disappearing slowly since last year.
It's pretty much gone now.

Anyway, neither version of the lost planet 2 demo looks all that great.
Too blocky.

Lifendz4319d ago

for a 360 fanboy to have a character from a Sony exclusive game as his avatar?

4319d ago
xgodofwar4sss4319d ago

that a good thing game on people

Chubear4319d ago

Maybe the more we see multiplats like this our their face the more we can now focus more on Exclusive Vs. Exclusives as it should be. That were you truly see what's great or not so great.

The Creep4319d ago

Poor attempt to get website HITS

STK0264319d ago

well, the PS3 demo was out a few weeks after the X360 one, so maybe they had more time to work on it. Or maybe they didn'T.

anyway, if you really have to see a comparison, wait for the final product to arrive on shelves, not some work in progress demo when there's no evidence(that I know of) that they are both at the same level of progress in the development.

ThanatosDMC4319d ago

Day one for me! I just hope the final version of the game will have great replay value with a lot of monsters. Wouldnt it be great if it had the replay value of Monster Hunter so that we actually have a reason to go fight those monsters again at a higher difficulty. But then again why would we need monster parts when we have guns... meh.

Consoldtobots4319d ago

I agree Morganfell, in fact the term you use "evolve" is quite apt in that it goes right to the heart of this whole fanboy nonsense. PS3 Haters simply fail to understand that the PS3 architecture is an INVERSION of the development process. To understand what I mean by that you HAVE to look at the 360 and it's architecture (which is looking more dated by the day) which in terms of processing power is a snapshot of general hardware specification at that given point and time. A certain amount of clock cycles per task, fixed rendering paths, DVD9...3 dual thread processor cores with a single vector proc slapped on. This is by no means a bad setup but definitely not one designed to evolve. MEANING you will only EVER get so many tasks done in a fixed number of processor cycles(which you then have to spread out over 2 cores (one is reserved for os tasks).

NOW the PS3 turns this whole concept on it's head by telling developers this is no longer "paint by the numbers" and requires you to RETHINK your whole simulation pipeline from scratch. This is what has porkchop over at valve squealing like a stuck newell along with a few others around the industry. Their voice might be louder were it not for studios like Insomniac and Naughty Dog who are dropping jaws everytime they suit up for gametime. I know most of this will be lost of those permantly stuck on stupid but it doesn't change the fact that the PS3 has changed the game completely by delivering RAW processing power in the form of an orchestra leader and six virtuosos on crack in the form of the SPUs. How you make the magic happen is up to you as a developer, Sony didn't trailblaze a new path to make games, they burned the whole damn forest of software/hardware performance down in their quest to be the best.

Strikepackage Bravo4319d ago

Gameswire is such a bogus site, they cobble together some of the worst looking screenshots I've ever seen of games, then they attempt to do a comparison with mismatched scenes, some of which are not even centered, and they always reach the same conclusion no matter what the game is, PS3 looks better? WTF! Do I smell the hand of Sony at work here, or should I say the wallet of Sony ;)

HDgamer4319d ago

Get it for the platform you want to play it on. :D

ABizzel14319d ago

It would have been better if all pics were at the same time, but both version look good. The 360 version looks like it has better lighting, but it also look like it's just the time of day or where the salamander is on the stage, since the lighting is super bright on it.

FACTUAL evidence4319d ago

Does the ps3 version actually looks........better?...

Poopface the 2nd4319d ago

these pics arnt of the same parts, and the demos start at the different parts.

On my tv the 360 version looks better. I have a 32in 1080i/720p tv, so my ps3 displays at 720p while my 360 puts out a 1080i picture. not sure if this makes the difference but my tvs resolution is 1366x768 ao its possible it could just look sharper because of that.

both look good, and the game seems better than the first one so far.

TheBand1t4319d ago

Got my cousin to bring over his 360 today, and we ran both versions on my TV. We really didn't notice any differences.

morganfell4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Excellent comment. Your inversion explanation is a great way to look at matters. Very concise. Bubbles.

There is a vast chasm that lies between trying to cheat the last ounce of horsepower out of a machine versus uncovering the latent technology and possibilities in a piece of next generation hardware.

Sarcasm4318d ago

Gameswire has some of the worst comparisons IMO

Sarcasm4318d ago

"NOW the PS3 turns this whole concept on it's head by telling developers this is no longer "paint by the numbers" and requires you to RETHINK your whole simulation pipeline from scratch."

Unfortunately that's where only 1st party dev's from Sony have that freedom.

3rd Party developer's simply cannot "re-think" certain things because it takes extra time, budget and effort to do so.

I honestly don't ever expect any multi-platform game to utilize the PS3 as it's meant to be.

Thank goodness that Sony has a huge line up and 1st party devs ready to show what the PS3 can do.

4318d ago
Consoldtobots4318d ago

@ Sarcasm

I agree and disagree, the reason no third party takes advantage of the PS3 architecture is because of the 360 (we all know that). The difference will come next year when the PS3 will overtake the 360 on it's way to another 100mil+ userbase and all of a sudden there won't be a reason to gimp a games specs down to the 360s level. In other words there won't be as much money in it as there will be in catering to the massive PS3 install base. Money talks, the love of making games walks....isn't that what fanboys have been spouting for nearly 3 years now? It seems even that argument will be taken away real soon.

p.s. np morganfell, I try to explain things the way I like them explained to me. quick and concise, save all the complex math for when Im actually writing code.

DaTruth4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Love the way, when a comparison favors the 360, the 360 fanboys say; "Oh, teh damage control! wah wah! is true! Ps3 fanboys can't handle teh truth!" But whenever it favors the PS3 it's all; "Oh, teh bias! Wrong, look at this! and This guy is lying!"

Look at the damage control above!

They selectively believe only the opinion that 360 version is better, in every game, all the time! At least PS3 owners will say something like; "The developers are lazy", or; "Not using the PS3 to its full potential". They don't outright accuse the comparer of lying, even when you can see for yourself(not saying this comparison is an example as the shots are terrible)!

What happened to; Oh, he has a right to his opinion!" that the 360 fanboys were proclaiming in the Uncharted 2 "8" review! Suddenly, opinions aren't allowed and free speech goes out the window!

Now, you don't like the opinion! Feel free to criticize all you like!

Poopface the 2nd4318d ago

I played them both so I know which one I would get.

gmxracing4318d ago

from the looks of it to me the ps3 version doesn't look better to me, but i will still get it.

Coffin874318d ago

OMGSZORGZZZZZZZZZZZZZ they look 100% the same.

now what. i wasted 3 minutes. i want them back.

STK0264318d ago

Actually, I was one of those who said that the reviewer from GameReactor had every right to review the game and give it an 8 since a review, despite what people would like it to be, is influenced by the person's opinion as he cannot isolate his subjectivity and be fully objective when it comes to liking a game, it's artistic style, its soundtrack or design choices. I, however, also mentioned that some elements of a game were objective, thinks like the TECHNICAL aspect of the graphics, meaning resolution, frame rate, physics and load times to name a few.

In this comparison, which I must admit, I didn't even see since I don't believe graphics comparison should be made on demos showing 2 different parts of a game and released at 2 different times (which could indicate that both version aren't even at the same development stage), it's ALL aBOUT THE TECHNICAL aspect of graphics. This is meant to be objective. This, unlike the Uncharted 2 review, has nothing to do with "opinions", it's all about facts, something this guy, from what I understand from reading the comments, doesn't really have to back up his claim.

It's about tiem people realize that there are objective and subjective elements in a game and that opinions should only apply to the subjectives ones.

Example : Someone could argue that Killzone 2 looks better than Crysis because of the artistic style of Killzone 2, it's his opinion and has every right to believe so. However, one would have to be a fool to claim that Killzone 2 looks better than Crysis from a technical standpoint, considering that for obvious reasons Crysis (can) run at a higher frame rate, higher resolution, better textures, longer draw distance, can have 16xAA etc.

See my point?

vhero4318d ago

Who the hell cares? It looks great on both systems whichever console you got if you loved the demo you would be mad not to get its a really good game single player anyways. Just the multiplayer will probably suck like the first game and kill re-playability.

bnaked4318d ago

the ps3 version got more lighting sources/ or better lighting..

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Ninji4319d ago

Looks like PS3 has the superior version.

chaosatom4319d ago

The demo was quite amazing.

I did not murder him4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

"That said, some of the visuals on the PS3 version did appear to be lagging behind the Xbox 360 version, with muddier textures and a more uneven frame rate bogging down the presentation. Determining those differences was a bit of a struggle, though, as we attempted to verify earlier reports of the game suffering in the graphics department. Both versions were not presented side-by-side, so it was hard to tell how much more attractive one version looked than the other."

I can't believe SDF tried to post a BS Lost Planet 2 comparisons.

Do you wan't me to post the ones for Dirt 2 or maybe Need 4 Speed Shift? If it's not developed a year later(longer) on PS3 the PS3 can't hang.



this is the 360 version in motion, doesn't even look like that in the comparison.

FlipMode4319d ago

lol Can you guys stop crying?
Its like multiplats mean the world to the XDF.


360's got the better version cause it's 360 lead.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4319d ago

...KillZone 2 WINS!!! ;)

I found Lost Planet 2 BORING!!! :-/ A Typical ChatBox 360 Game...Zzzzzz

solar4319d ago

wow. comparing two unfinished products to one another. how low can you go?

54percent4319d ago

The ps3 version runs in a offcam shot, with different illumination settings and no focus in low resolution monitors, the 360 version was taken from a direct feed monitor with specific settings in high res monitors, is clearly that the 360 version wins in this impartial comparison.... oh wait... is not impartial

RedDragan4318d ago

The multiplat games will never rival the PS3 Exclusives, they should just design all the games for PS3 and then dumb it down for Xbox360.

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gameangel4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

They look pretty similar to me. And if anything, the PS3 version's jaggier...

AliTheBrit4319d ago

That's ALWAYS a problem with the PS3


I hate them so much, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space - Both them had an insane amount of Jaggies compared to the 360 Version, and I'm basing all this on my own comparison btw.

Infamous also had a lot of jaggies, Playing the Demo on my 40' Samsung LCD 1080p, My eyes actually stung after playing it for a while because of the Jaggies.

The bigger problem among Multi-Plats on the PS3 though is that the PS3 version always seems to be a little blurred in comparison to the 360.

xcox4319d ago

My eyes actually stung after playing it for a while because they're so full of sh!t"

dustgavin4319d ago

Yea. AliTheBot likes to pretend he owns a PS3 but then continues to bash on the system as much as possible.

18 hours ago | By: AliTheBrit | Block
"Listen mate, and Listen good, how long have you been on this website? I was trolling on this site from late 07 through-out most of 2008 as a PS3 FANBOY, A DROID. for F*ck sake, hated by all the bots, and my username then was Ali_The_Brit and variations of such."

Saaking4319d ago

Yet exclusives looks 100 times better on PS3. Obviously, the 360 is the lead platform thus the slightly lower quality on PS3 mutiplats. How about you compare exclusives instead? Oh that's right PS3 wins by a longshot.

AliTheBrit4319d ago (Edited 4319d ago )

Lol Gavin do you ACTUALLY believe I dont have a PS3?

You can go ahead and add me on PSN :)

The only reason I bash it so much is to even the playing field, click my user-name and follow it to my Forum posts, that gives a much better representation of how I feel on all this crap, but this is the open zone, even you over-do it I'm guessing.

End of the day, we are all gamers.

Nelson M4319d ago

Your a BoT
A Silly Little BoT

saimcheeda4319d ago

how can u call urself a gamer? i havent seen u complement the ps3, u always bash the ps3! and as for" evening the field" thats such a lame excuse, and what does it matter if u were a ps3 fan once? i think u just like trolling, when this site was full of bots u trolled for the ps3 now its vice versa!

MegaPowa4318d ago

just shut up..please just the the eff up -_- its as if you have no life all the time i hear this Bot nonsense from you JUST SHUT UP.

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