Xbox 360 Accessory Pricing Leaked! Numero Uno Bundle Coming...

It looks as if one Microsoft insider has revealed to Joystiq the pricing for some upcoming official 360 accessories! The one that really stands so to speak is a rather attractive Uno bundle consisting of an Xbox Live Vision camera with a wired headset,UNO and a month of Live Gold service for $39.99 which will be released in the USA on September 19th! They also have word that new faceplates featuring Halo will be available for $19.99, wireless headset with a 30-ft range at $59.99, a 256MB memory unit for $59.99 and last we have the wireless gaming receiver which is set to be available at $19.99.



Perhaps the most important involves the bundling of the Xbox Live Vision camera with a wired headset, the popular Live Arcade title UNO, and a month of Live Gold service for $39.99 when it releases in the States on September 19, 2006.

Granted, this is still an unofficial report (based on a leak of "official" info), so understand that you're probably not gonna get much confirmation from MS until they're good and ready to give it. If you'd like information on what other peripherals are coming out "Holiday 2006" (so sometime in the 4th quarter) and at what price, read on for more.

- New faceplates featuring Halo, Forza 2, & Viva Pinata for $19.99 each
- Wireless headest with a 30-foot range for $59.99
- 256MB Memory Unit for $59.99
- Wireless gaming receiver for $19.99 (but it'll go on sale in Winter 2007, unlike the others, probably around the month of February)

joemutt6392d ago

Is that just a fancy name used for a controller? $20 aint bad, I'll take three!

shotty6391d ago

Its a receiver that connects to your PC and allows you to use all your wireless xbox 360 accessories on the PC. I.E. wireless gamepad, Wireless headset and Wireless Steeringwheel


wireless gaming reciever is a USB device for your PC that lets you used the wireless xbox 360 pads for PC games. Pretty neat.

&&great prices, if this is accurate. go microsoft and their pricing! whooooo!

joemutt6392d ago

Just waiting for Vista to come out, then I get to have my entertainment center complete, while playing Crysis on 360 pads.

USMChardcharger6392d ago

a gamestop employee told me his M$ rep. said the camera would be under 50 bucks. looks like it is way under that. you have to give it to M$...they are give give give to their customers. thanks M$

Dukester1016392d ago

there is so much awesome stuff coming to the 360, and i wish i had the cash for it ALL. i'm still paying of the 360 itself from last Nov. HAHA

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Revival rumors swirl as Microsoft renews Viva Piñata trademark

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-Foxtrot514d ago

Rather see Banjo-Threeie

Hell a remake-revamp of Grabbed by the Ghoulies, great concepts, not executed the best but having everything around you as a weapon was great, with new tech they could get more creative

Sciurus_vulgaris514d ago

Microsoft has been gradually rebooting Rare IPs. I wouldn’t be surprised if MS announces another Rare IP reboot after Perfect Dark release in 2023-2024. Based on popularity you would think Banjo, Viva Piñata and Conker would be the next likely candidates for rebooting [or a new release].

maxbeverett514d ago

Agree completely with you but Viva Pinata would be beautiful with modern graphics

AngainorG7X514d ago

Banjo, Conker, Kameo so many great IPs, come on MS..

maxbeverett514d ago

Conker is a particularly great shout

XiNatsuDragnel514d ago

So much rare IPs cmon Microsoft

Fearmonkey513d ago

I loved the first game, id love a new game like the first one.

EazyC513d ago

This game rocked. It was so relaxing making a little garden and getting pinatas to... Dance with each other.

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GaboonViper1193d ago

I want a new Perfect Dark, Banjo and Jet Force Gemini.

Bathyj1193d ago

I actually don't want them. I'm not a big fan of Microsoft rehashing IPs they had nothing to do with creating just because they happen to own them.

Before you call me fanboy tell me a game they did that to that actually lives up the the original?

Just leave our beloved memories alone. You want to bring something back, redo crimson Skies or Brute Force. At least they were your games and they need updates.

gamer78041193d ago

I'm all for The Initiative rebooting perfect dark as a third person though, sounds like its trying something new and not just rehashing with a new coat of paint with this idea. Hope we see a tease of it in the next showcase.

gamer78041193d ago

Rumor is The Initiative is working on rebooting Perfect Dark in third person, normally I wasn't a fan of taking existing IPs but if its something new like this I'm up for it.