PSPgo Launch Plans Outlined

The PSP has seen a number of revisions over the course of its existance, and the PSPgo is the latest evolution of the system that's hitting retail in less than two weeks. With the system's launch right around the corner, Sony sent IGN a small note that detailed a few pieces of juicy information that PSP fans might find interesting.

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krouse934329d ago

God Of War Chains Of Olympus will probably one of the first PSP games I buy on my PSPgo

SuperStrokey11234329d ago

This is sounding more and more like a train wreck of a launch i think. ANyone of the old school PSP gamers that wants to upgrade (or wanted to in my case, not anymore) is literally being throwing away by Sony while stores who were all pissy about the GO are now getting a bone thrown there way at our expense.

All my UMD games that i was planning on transfering over to my go are suddenly impossible to do due to "legal reasons". Im really not happy with this and I canceled my preorder this morning. Really not happy with this.

PirateThom4329d ago

Did you really expect UMDs to be transferrable? They're under no obligation to do it and there's no feasible way to work it.

Da One4329d ago

hell i wish i could get one, although i'll still be buying my games digitally

SuperStrokey11234329d ago

They claimed they were looking into it and that they were going to find a solution and obviously they havnt found 1. Well here is an easy one, have people mail in their barcodes and then you mail them back a download code if the game is availible. Pretty simple and would stop piracy as well. You are right they are not obligated to do so at all, but when you considering how easy it would be to do its obvious that they are bowing the weight of publishers, which as you imply is to be expected.

Im not saying anyone has to do it (including myself as i have canceled my preorder), all im saying as that this is looking like it will be less than a smooth transfer...

Da One4329d ago

most of what they say tends to fall through......anyway i'll be trading all my games into gamestop... and buying them digital

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