New God of War III screenshots

New screenshots of the upcoming PS3 title, God of War III.

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fishd4883d ago

If you haven't played other Gow games,DO IT!!!
God of War will redefine the definition of Epic in your vocabulary!

Chubear4882d ago

I would rather like to see what the PS3 version of GoW1&2 look like though. How come no pics to date?

Jumping-Jack4882d ago

I'm not sure really, however they did say that they will be releasing a gameplay video soon, thats all I know anyway
"God of War Collection will be available in November. Keep an eye out for video gameplay soon."

SnuggleBandit4882d ago

does anyone else think this build looks a lot lighter than the e3 build...there is a lot more glare or something

Jumping-Jack4882d ago

Yeah I see it too, looks like the brightness has been turned up a tad. Not sure why they did it though, still looks great though in my opinion.

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Darkeyes4882d ago

These are just screen-shots taken from the E3 demo.... Still looks amazing I might add....

mistajeff4882d ago

I was thinking they might look a little better than the E3 demo, especially the cyclops one. It's hard to tell though.

rajman4882d ago

Its screen shots taken from the TGS trailer:

MiamiACR14882d ago

Pick up the other two games in the enhanced edition, Never really got into god of war because when the others came out I was only 14 and the puzzles blew my mind....(I hate puzzles). But This game is gonna be sweet! can't wait!

dragonyght4882d ago

the heat been dying on gow3 they need show something new n epic instead of these recycle trailers

NateNater4881d ago

Eh I don't think the heat has died down, but it would be nice if they showed more. The TGS trailer is basically the same footage as the e3 trailer. And I guess they don't want to spoil too much of the game and all of its glory.

GamerSciz4882d ago

Those are just low res shots. I have seen some higher res screens from like IGN and such and the game looks absolutely gorgeous.

@ Above, if you haven't played the first two simply fork up some money and get the GOW collection pack. I already have mine preordered even though I have the first two. The collection pack adds in remastered 720p support as well as trophies and behind the scenes footage. NOT TO MENTION....GOW 3 demo was confirmed to be on it! It's a no brainer to get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.