John Woo's Hard Boiled on Blu-ray (via PS3)

For the past few years, acclaimed director John Woo has been working on 'Stranglehold', a game which follows the Inspector Tequila and the highly choreographed gun fights that he seems to always be caught up in. The game is a continuation of the story of the insanely popular John Woo movie 'Hard Boiled', and those who pick up the collectors edition version of the game will the get the movie newly remastered in high definition on Blu-ray.

A few months ago, Midway, the company which is producing the game, polled users on its website if they would like Hard Boiled included with the purchase of the game. Users overwhelmingly responded that they would, and Midway has responded with $70 Collectors Edition of the game ($10 more than a regular PS3 game).

No word if this would be the only way to get the movie in high definition, but it will be a nice bonus for those who buy the game.

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bigmack4480d ago

sweet! i dont mind paying 10 bucks more. That movie is pretty good. I'm getting it.

lil bush4480d ago

if thats true, then this is an easy buy for me, but if the movie is in blu-ray that would be so f-ing sweet, man that would be awesome.....

SDS Overfiend4480d ago

Movies not video games. This gets better and better.

tihstae4480d ago (Edited 4480d ago )

Movies AND video games. Read the article smacktard...

sonarus4480d ago

definetly goin collectors edition

THE_JUDGE4480d ago

Thats freakin awesome, I'm sold for sure. Maybe in the future movies and games with come on the same disc for the PS3. Forget dvd/hd-dvd dual disc, give me Blu-ray/game. That would be freaking sweet. Imagine getting the new Metal Gear 4 and the movie on the same disc.

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The story is too old to be commented.