Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Hands-On - WorthPlaying TGS 2009

Straight from the show floor of TGS 2009, WorthPlaying went hands-on with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for the PSP.

"Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is shaping up to be one of the best PSP games to hit the market. While our short demo only gave us a brief taste of the gameplay, what we saw was excellent. The controls were easy to learn and comfortable to use, and it rarely felt like we had to struggle to make Snake do what we wanted. The gameplay is varied and interesting, and while it isn't a perfect port of the Metal Gear Solid gameplay, the changes seem to have done wonders in making the complex mechanics function on the PSP."

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RainOfTerror4818d ago

Finally a game to dust my PSP off for, it's been sitting idle for way too long!

rockleex4818d ago

Shaping up to be even BETTER than MGS4! O_O

And that's saying a lot.

But I would understand, seeing as how Kojima's hand was forced in MGS4. He was forced to tie all the loose knots in the MGS universe, whether they were needed or not. Yet he did it beautifully.

Like they say, never limit the vision of a genius.

Peacewalker is no longer limited by the demands of MGS fans. It is now only limited by Kojima's own mind. ^_^

4818d ago
Razzy4818d ago

I hope Kanomi ports this game to, at least, the PS2 down the road. I really don't want to buy a PSP for one game. :(