EA's NBA Live cover Gilbert Arenas prefers NBA 2K series

The next time EA decides to put an athlete who's an actual gamer on their NBA Live cover, it might help to have vetted him first. As Jon Robinson of IGN points out in a piece about who will replace Shaq as NBA 2K's cover athlete, Gilbert Arenas would have made sense. In a Q&A session on last November when Arenas was asked if he plays NBA Live he answered, "No. I play NBA 2K. It's real, the NBA 2K. The other one, now ... it's too fake."

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tony4478d ago

that's hilarious , ha ha ha!!!!! E A sports is in the hole. ja, ja!

ThaGeNeCySt4478d ago

almost as hilarious as your avi

reaperxciv4478d ago

I totally, totally agree with mr.arenas!

M4RK19884478d ago

Same with NHL, the 2K Sports one is better than EA.

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The story is too old to be commented.