EA Sports also cancels NBA Live PC

After announcing last week that Madden would no longer be made for the PC, EA Sports has now stated that NBA Live has been canceled for the PC as well.

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BigKev454859d ago

Another blow to PC gaming, bye - bye.

Andreiy4859d ago

Since when people play sport games on the pc? pc are created for rpg's and shooters, bye bye

Drekken4859d ago

GOOD. Maybe now they will concentrate on releasing a game without the stupid slowdown and bugs. Its always fun when you are beating someone and they yank the cable and you receive a loss and DNF. EA ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!!!

Its embarrassing to admit, but I bought a bunch of EA games in the past year and have ALWAYS been an EA Sports fan. But recently they are really horrible and its amazing how fast a company can turn off loyal gamers.

Monchichi0254859d ago

Why are they the only ones saved from the garbage called EA Sports!! Save the consoles too!!! Get rid of EA!

Palodios4859d ago

I didn't hear about the madden news. What happened to their exclusive agreement with the NFL that said that their games had to come out on all platforms (which I assumed included the personal computer)?

bloodshed4858d ago

yesssssssssssssssss thanks ea