Uncharted 2 Among Thieves review by OPM UK (scans and rating)

Pictures of the magazine on this link

Multiplayer to be reviewed separately - Treefrog

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Lucreto4333d ago

(Multiplayer to be reviewed separately)

Thats how all reviews should be.

MGOelite4333d ago

no cause popular games like cod and halo wouldnt be able to stand on their own 2 feet

Lucreto4333d ago

It would force developers to work on the single player aspect and not just have it tacked on.

It would be like for Ratchet and Clank getting lower marks because of no multiplayer. But Uncharted 2 seems to be perfect in both single player and multiplayer.

gunnerforlife4333d ago

meeeeeeeee wants ma preciousssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssss

PROFIT4333d ago






outdone themselves
outdone other devs
brought us to next gen

Cwalat4333d ago

Every major review site/magazine has been giving this game 9.5 and 10's. Even 21/20 !

I could've spent 1500$ on a launch PS3 and even if it would take 10 years... if i got a game like Uncharted 2, it would be worth all the time and money.

Thanks NaughtyGod, Thanks!

SupaPlaya4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

every PSM (insert location) has given this game a 10 or higher.

It's important to note though they don't overrate PS games based on their previous track record.

I wonder if there'll be as much of a leap in Uncharted 3 in the graphics department. It will be difficult achieve the same impact to say the least.

Boody-Bandit4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

And following off of 1.1.

If that were the case Gears of War 2 would have been sent to the gallows.

Games should be rated on quality "not quantity" of work and without bias (even though I know that's not possible). Uncharted 2 appears (appears because I myself can only go by videos and first hand reports since I have yet to play it) to be one of the finest games, not only for this generation but arguably ever, the gaming world has even seen.

The online beta was a blast and I loved the original single player experience. I can't wait for the full version. My only problem is what to play first (story/campaign, co-op or multiplayer).

KiRBY30004333d ago

you cant expect all games to have multiplayer.

Heavy Rain, no multiplayer = 10/20?

thats retarded.

VenomCarnage894333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

as much as i feel this game deserves a score like that you not doing the math very good. 10/10 + 10/10= 20/10, now to get the average you must devide by 2 so 10/10 again.

to kirby 3000, i can see your point, but they wouldnt review a singleplayer only game 2 times and give the multiplayer a 0 then procede to deduct that from the overall score. i personally think this idea of single and multi reviewed seperately is a great idea, some people only want single player, some could care less and only want multi(for all games in general not just UC2) so having them seperate means the people who only want one can read the only parts that are relevant.

Kornholic4333d ago

Gamereactor's 8 was unjustified, even Finnish Gamereactor gave Uncharted 2: Among Thieves a score it deserves=9

mastiffchild4333d ago

It's not retarded. If you give an amount of time post release to award a score to a MP element of a game then you hive THAT game a fairer chance as an overall package against great SP games like Uncharted or Bioshock. That's becuase many games launch with MP problems.

Also if games were all reviewed like this EVERY game with a SP would have to make sure it's up to standard wouldn't they?

Besides, most games mp isn't that great pre release as you are only playing against other journos and people from the dev team/ a few beta testers in general and you don't see these guys finding glitches and trying to ruin the game like you do with the general public. It's just a fact that most pre release mp reviews are pointless and only give a vague impression of what you'll find with the whole world online!

I'm not saying U2 should get 20/10 of course but I think it's fairer this way as every MP is in the same boat and every SP too-is it QD's fault that HR isn't suitable for MP, or Team Ico's that TLG won't be either-because I've seen games lose points before for not having mp and also for trying to avoid this and then tacking it on! IMO reviewing both seperately, while it buggers up Meta a bit is still fairer and forces eberyone making either element to only bother if they can make them equally brilliant.

It would encourage excellence all round, imo, and would you rather a mediocre SP with a tacked on MP just because of feature creep, fashion and because devs are scared into trying to do eberyting when they don't have the resources? Surely in these cases it's best to concentrate on one great mode, no? Well seperate sp and mp reviews would encourage this thinking.

So while I see your point I, personally, think it would, done right, be a better way for enduring fair reviews and devs to concentrate on what they do best with their limited funds and time.

eagle214333d ago

I wish Oct. 13th would hurry it's fun butt up and get here! :)

NeoBasch4333d ago

Please dethrone Grand Theft Auto 4. It doesn't deserve to be known as the highest rated game of this generation. I'd rather U2: AT receive that recognition. Not that I care THAT much about reviews, but seeing all these 10's gets me super giddy knowing that such a game CAN exist.

It's a miracle I tell you! :)

rockleex4333d ago

I just can't help but Agree with your display picture. *_*

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LinuxGuru4333d ago

Yay, real scans! Those are rare nowadays.

WMW4333d ago

that 8 from gamereactor looks more like bs with each review that comes out but i guess it served its purpose of bringing attention to the site.

Surfman4333d ago

if Uncharted 2 worth 8/10, how could other games get better scores? 10/10 doesnt mean perfect, it means Awesome-Must Buy-GOTY- and Incredible.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

10/10!!! ;-P


Oh i pre-ordered it today with R&C:ACiT... ;-P

kaz-hirai4333d ago

Not just Sony Sir Ken but Naughty Dog + THE PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kill Crow4332d ago

brought to you on the Sony POO Station ....

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