Time Gentlemen, Please on Direct2Drive

Time Gentlemen, Please is an utterly barmy indie adventure game, one of the most ludicrously silly and hilariously offensive titles you'll play all year. It was previously only available via developer Zombie Cow's website, but now you can grab it via the power of Direct2Drive.

It's also the sequel to Zombie Cow's freeware adventure Ben There, Dan That. For the sake of continuity and completeness, the Direct2Drive version of Time Gentlemen, Please comes bundled with that as well.

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trgz4499d ago

I've been well impressed with Ben There Dan That (free) and once I've finished it I'll be buying TGP - best P&C adventure in a long time - the humour is very much in the same vein as the adventure games of old (Sam & Max, Monkey Island, Toonstruck etc).

Snoozer2824499d ago

It's brilliant, well worth the price.