NCAA Football 07 Xbox 360 Hands - on Impressions and Movies

The College football season is once again creeping up on us, and as the Fraternities clean out their beer lines and the Oscar Meyer folks dream of massive hot dog sales, Electronic Arts is readying their first next generation colligate football title. We take to the gridiron with NCAA Football 07 to see how ol' faithful does on its first outing on the Xbox 360.

As EA Sports is doing with all of their titles, they're "building the game from the ground up for next generation" with NCAA Football 07. While that has meant basically stripping a game down to a bare minimum feature set with next-gen while offering current-gen gamers the full enchilada, NCAA Football 07 at least has some meat on its bones.

NCAA Football 07 for the Xbox 360 includes the new Momentum System, Dynasty mode, a new NCAA Photo Album, new mini-games, ESPN Updates over Xbox Live, and ESPN Instant Classics. Current-gen players will get the added Back to School mode which is the remixed Race for the Heismann mode from last year, Spring Drills (think Madden Mini-camp), and the added bonus of ESPN Radio updates to the ESPN integration. It almost makes you wonder why you're paying the extra ten dollars, right?

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omansteveo6168d ago

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GTProwler6168d ago

Why would anybody vote lame for this? I mean its college football, man it must be either a really fat kid that cant run or a toothpick skinny geek that cant take a hit, no offence but how can you not like college football, unless you never played it in reality, but then again a bunch of girls never did and still like it.