NCAA Football 07 Xbox 360 Hands - on Impressions and Movies

The College football season is once again creeping up on us, and as the Fraternities clean out their beer lines and the Oscar Meyer folks dream of massive hot dog sales, Electronic Arts is readying their first next generation colligate football title. We take to the gridiron with NCAA Football 07 to see how ol' faithful does on its first outing on the Xbox 360.

As EA Sports is doing with all of their titles, they're "building the game from the ground up for next generation" with NCAA Football 07. While that has meant basically stripping a game down to a bare minimum feature set with next-gen while offering current-gen gamers the full enchilada, NCAA Football 07 at least has some meat on its bones.

NCAA Football 07 for the Xbox 360 includes the new Momentum System, Dynasty mode, a new NCAA Photo Album, new mini-games, ESPN Updates over Xbox Live, and ESPN Instant Classics. Current-gen players will get the added Back to School mode which is the remixed Race for the Heismann mode from last year, Spring Drills (think Madden Mini-camp), and the added bonus of ESPN Radio updates to the ESPN integration. It almost makes you wonder why you're paying the extra ten dollars, right?

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omansteveo6551d ago

Outlaw does it again dud eyou bring the news i care about, you rock keep up the good work

GTProwler6551d ago

Why would anybody vote lame for this? I mean its college football, man it must be either a really fat kid that cant run or a toothpick skinny geek that cant take a hit, no offence but how can you not like college football, unless you never played it in reality, but then again a bunch of girls never did and still like it.


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NCAA Football 2007 vs 2008 Comparison

Comparison video of NCAA Football 2007 and NCAA Football 2008. Graphics and gameplay includes.

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samchris6203d ago

... '07 and '08 look like the exact same game to me. Although I do love how '08 is now linked to the so that you can get actual weather conditions.

Mishmash196203d ago

i was thinking the same thing. they look exactly the same. the only differences i noticed was in '08 they have the players' last names and the gamescreen looks brighter.

DaddyDC6506203d ago

I was hoping for a bigger leap in gfx quality this time around. What's up EA??? Just take a look at the sideline. A rb can break off a run for 90 yards and everyone on the sideline could care less. No emotion shown to what's going on in the game.

donscrillinger6202d ago

this game looks boring as hell as well as the field action does to .the side line is dull .matter of fact it looks like the same lame game as 07 and 06 .where the hell are the refs on the field and the side line refs, line of scrim etc. E.A.i'm sorry but this wackness just isn't going to cut it this time around .it just doesn't look real to life .thx the football videogame gods for 2k being back in the game cuz yet again i wouldn't of brought any football this year.god is great .

OrangutanNipple6202d ago

I think the graphics are actually a little better than 2007. The players don't have steroid arms and everything looks touched up very nicely. And now with gang tackling and stuff it looks to be a good I just need a college football game to bring to college this year.

OrangutanNipple6202d ago

I also noticed that at the end of the video, some of the screenshots that said "08" were actually screenshots used before "07" came out.

Trade in NCAA 07 for $30 credit towards Madden!

Received this in the EBGames newsletter:

This offer is too good to mince words. When you trade in NCAA Football 07 you will receive a $30 credit towards your purchase of Madden 07....

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shotty6535d ago

Sounds like a rip off. Shouldnt it be atleast $40 to $45

Krimson6534d ago

Yeah, but it's EB Games doing what they do best. Ripping people off.

PS360PCROCKS6534d ago

ok...lame, "OMG! I JUST BOUGHT A GAME FOR $60 AND EB WILL GIVE YOU LIKE $30 TOWARDS MADDEN, MAN IM SO LUCKY!" this is stupid, it's a football game, you don't sell those like yet or ever, they're always fun

GTProwler6534d ago

how can they do this to NCAA, EA should put more attention to the college football game cause IMO i like the whole college atmosphere better than the NFL, madden is still cool but I bet that NCAA can top madden if they paid more attention to it.

FamoAmo6533d ago

I can go trade the game in today and get 30-35$. Are they giving you 30$ and the trade in? That would be a free game minus NCAA.