V-Tech Rampage: Creator Wants Money to Pull Game Down?

V-Tech Rampage drew heavy criticism from the gaming community for its portrayal of the actual shooting incident, with many protesting its removal from the Newgrounds - its current host site. But while the game and its creator have already been drawing heavy flak, the author stated that he will pull the game down... if people payed him. Here reads the statement at his home site (Googumproduce):

I will take this game down from newgrounds if the donation amount reaches $1000 US, i'll take it down from [my home site] if it reaches $2000 US, and i will apologize if it reaches $3000 US.


The author's website where he hosts the game and the origin of the text in unaccessible and reads:
This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

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ITR4177d ago

Now will anyone pay up???

AzaziL4177d ago

that's like saying I'll pay you if you say yes to marry me, the words mean nothing. as for the money to take it down, if people wanted to, they can just demand newgrounds themselves as well as the servers that are hosting his webpage. If they wouldn't take it down before, now that he's looking to make some money from it, I doubt newgrounds and his site's host would like that, as well as the negative publicity to their sites for no monetary gain.

DirtyRat4177d ago

you would see that him asking for money was "a joke"...

yes HAHA very funny ROFL Mr Ryan

Stupid thing is that if people just ignored it he wouldn't have got the attention he so obviously needs - loser.

progx4176d ago

I didn't do so good, the cops got me.

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