Xbox 360 Captures 7/10 Top Spots on Gamefly List

For six weeks straight, Spiderman 3 for the Xbox 360 once again tops the Gamefly Top 10 list. In addition, the Xbox 360 holds 7 out of the top 10 spots. Nintendo Wii owners are queueing up the arrival of Mario Party 8 while PlayStation 3 owners also have Spiderman 3 at the top of their lists...

Queue up the complete Gamefly Top 10 most requested list:

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toughNAME4485d ago

(insert scared/desperate sony fanboy commment about how you should just wait 6 months till more games come out)

gta_cb4484d ago

the thing is, in 6months there will be even better Xbox 360 games haha

DirtyRat4485d ago

not really surprising considering there are few PS3 titles and the install base is much lower at the moment.

would be nice to see PC included in the "cross platform" list.

Leathersoup4485d ago

What region is this list taken from? I didn't see Halo3 or Forza2 on the list. I'm pretty sure the game doesn't have to be released because there's a pile of other games on that list that aren't out yet.

PS360WII4485d ago

Good point DirtyRat I would also like the PC games added in. PC gamers are getting quite the line up as well ^^

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