Killzone PS3 Beta Confirmed (Of Course)

Today, Seb "motherH" Downie of Guerrilla Games confirmed that there would be a public beta for Killzone on the PS3. When, is the big mystery.

"Of course there is going to be a public beta, I have always said that any game that has an online mode needs to go through a public beta to ensure it works as intended.

More on a beta later this year."

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Robotz Rule4227d ago

Good to hear!

Hope Killzone 2 online is as good as Resistance!

PS3/PSN ID:DrowsyWoozy

wildcat4227d ago (Edited 4227d ago )

I hope it's better lolz :)

gta_cb4226d ago

well we will soon find out if the same things happen as the Halo 3 beta (loads of videos)

Lord Anubis4227d ago

yay, I'm looking forward to E307

clownfacemcgee4227d ago

In case you haven't heard, they canceled the big E3 after '06. I think there's still going to be a small conference, but you'd have to confirm that.

ErcsYou4227d ago

you must be mistaken E3 2007 will happen, here is the proof
they have already told gamers we will see killzone 2 at E3

ShAkKa4227d ago

there will be a E3 07 but it won`t be as big as previews events and now is called E for all.

Starmaniac4226d ago

E for all is something completely different. E3 will be held in July in Santa Monica and although the size of the show and the number of the atendees will be significantly smaller, the news coming out of the event may be as interesting as in the previous occasions. There will be large platform holder press conferences just before E3 and it is believed that those will be as spectacular as ever.

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drtysouf214227d ago

that i probably won't get invited to and that makes me sad. Come on Sony show me some love!

Clinton5144227d ago

Register your PS3 at and all of your games. ;) You might have luck

Lord Anubis4227d ago


lol just kidding.

gta_cb4226d ago

isnt there a game you can buy so you can play the beta, like when people buy Crackdown they can play the Halo 3 beta?
(sorry this beta stuff is kinda new to me)

Firewire4227d ago

Why Deep, Why? Why do you keep teasing us like this?

gta_cb4226d ago

yeh hes always teasing lol