Xi visited over five million times

nDreams has announced that Xi, the world's first console-based alternate reality game, has had over five million visits since it launched in March 2009.

The game ran for three months and also featured an Alumni area which has been live in Home since the main game finished, allowing users to experience some of the content and to find out what Xi was all about.

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DAVID BRENT3371d ago

great app,and it was FREE

Nelson M3371d ago

It's a Total BoT Free Zone
And i have my own BatCave
Thy Silly Little BoTs
What u think of them Figure's

Mr PS33371d ago

5 Million times
Almost as many RRoD's the bots have suffered since march

nix3371d ago

yup.. i used to go there frequently. i still haven't finished it though. i've got last couple of missions to finish. )):

sprinterboy3371d ago

Yes Xi was a lotta fun in fact I replaced alot of my original psn buddies with people I actually spoke to within the Xi HOME Space. It was great meeting new people and getting help or guidance on the more tricky puzzles was good fun and enfazied what Home is all about (community). The new space "Pirate Galleon" sounds interesting and looking forward to that one with high anticapation.