PS3 vaporware of past Tokyo Game Shows

With Tokyo Game Show merely days away, everyone is anticipating the announcement of new games. Rumors have been flying from all corners of the internet, with whisperings that fan favorite franchises like Legend of Dragoon, Suikoden, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia, Kingdom Hearts and more may make an appearance at TGS 2009. And while PS3Center is definitely looking forward to whatever new reveals take place at the show later this week, PS3Center would also love to hear more on titles that have been announced at previous Tokyo Game Shows but have been deathly silent ever since.

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shadowfox4284d ago

Rainy Woods definitely looks a little dated now, but I would be downright shocked if we didn't hear at least a little bit about it at TGS. MMV has been talking about switching their efforts over to the PS360 ever since their Wii games have been flopping left and right, so it would make sense for Rainy Woods to make it's grand reappearance here.

Dragun6194284d ago (Edited 4284d ago )

Theres actually quite alot more vaporware titles out there.

Fifth Phantom Saga
Rainy Woods
Steambot Chronicles 2
Coded Arms Assault
Redwood Falls

I hope developers put most of these games back in development than putting them on hold especially now that the PS3 is @ $299. Would like to Redwood Falls (Zombie Game) back into development.

Edit: @colossi16
Really?, Well thats good to hear, from the looks of it, it could be a good action game.

FrankFoxJaegar4284d ago

Theres a reason the majority of those games are vaporware... they don't look impressive at all...

Raoh4284d ago

wasn't there a licensing issue with rainy woods and twin peaks?

colossi164284d ago

The wardevil site says there would be a reveal in october.

Snoogins4284d ago

I'm not going to hold my breath for Wardevil. All of the controversy surrounding its existence leads me to believe it was nothing more than vaporware. I know people are looking forward to it, but it'd be best to just forget about it until something concrete and public surfaces.

Raoh4284d ago

Ohhhh... colossi16 .. sooo naive..

don't you know Wardevil was a game our parents used to tell us about at night to make us go to sleep with smiles on our faces..

after time we grew up and realized that it was but a myth, a childrens story.. like santa clause, the easter bunny or a nigerian check that would actually clear..

wardevil does not exist.. allow this old man's childhood memories to drift away in peace and never mention it again..

stonecold34284d ago

i was looking forward to that game as well nothing been mentioned since e3 2005 now 4 years later nothing still has been mentioned about it

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