Call of Juarez DX9 vs. DX10 graphics comparison

Two comparison images and six screenshots from the upcoming DirectX 10 patch of Call of Juarez.

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DreamTension4482d ago

So what about that mountainin the comparison pic can't be done with DX9? It looks better, but the DX9 mountain looks like crap to begin with.

ShiftyLookingCow4482d ago

one of the differences between 9 and 10 is efficiency, even if 9 can do something similar it wont be near 10's framerate, like the parallax mapping in the fireplace

gta_cb4482d ago

oh right i didnt know that

power of Green 4482d ago (Edited 4482d ago )

the DX9 sky does look better who really cares about it anyways thats the luxury of having a top notch PC anyways. Both verions of the mountains look like poo. DX10 is more detailed.

Rooted_Dust4482d ago

I can't tell if they are or not, but if DX10 has volumetric clouds, then DX9 is definitly beat.

CompGeek4482d ago

My 8800 GTS should do OK ^^

id dot entity4482d ago

Looking good. Don't have a DX10 card (nor Vista) but this is looking good. Think that Crysis / Hellgate will be the 2 reasons for me to buy a new PC.

gta_cb4482d ago

im with ya there, although i wont need a new PC just a GPU =D

sak5004482d ago

I have vista but no DX10 card. Will not be getting it anytime soon as I picked up 7950GX 2 SLI 1GB card last year for almost $700. Most games this year and next year supporting DX9+ should work perfectly on this card.

Rooted_Dust4481d ago

What ever you do don't get Windows Vista. That card can't run with both GPU's in Vista yet, or possibly ever. Nvidia needs to get on the ball with these graphics drivers or I'm seriously considering switching back to ATI.

Xi4482d ago

it looks like something from a 2 year old game. i bet that the mountain could look just as good in dx9 if they put more effort into how they texture it.

gta_cb4482d ago

prob right, but ohwell many of us dont have DX10 cards so ... where out of luck =(

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