Top 5 Reasons to Love 'Halo'

This multiplayer not only saved Xbox, it also has sophisticated presentation

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mrv3215325d ago

msnbc.com was launched in 1996 and was a joint venture between MICROSOFT and NBC.

Unbiased media.

DasBunker5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

1-Master Chief looks like a power ranger with a Gordon freeman wanna be attitude.

2-The weapons in the game feel like toy laser guns

3-Outdated Graphics

4-Only hip fire for most weapons (what is this golden eye?)

5-Rainbow colors everywhere.. purple vehicles -_- and barely has blood (key in any FPS, after all theyre about violence)

in other words a FPS for kiddos..

mrv3215325d ago

It has it's plus sides like good multiplayer, but in my opinion Halo 3 wasn't as good as I expected the singleplayer felt meh, the online was filled with L33T's and worst of all was the fact most of this was my fault.

Halo is a good game, but not the best FPS I personally think Resistance 1 was better than Halo 3. But Halo 3 is none the less a V. good game.

Roper3165325d ago

it is the same game it was 2-3 years ago with nothing updated in anyway. YEA lets all praise a game straight out of 2006-2007 and act like it is the newest best game on the block.

CreepyB5325d ago

who ever wrote this deserves a medal for just finding a reason to love halo.

DasBunker5325d ago (Edited 5325d ago )

halo prepare to flop

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