Which game series should take a break?

Blockbusters shouldn't be afraid to take a year or two off.

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NecrumOddBoy60d ago

When I think break, I think of a game that needs to just go back to the drawing board, and come back strong. Not something we are just tired of. Call of Duty is far past it's expiration date but I wouldn't care if it went away and came back or whatever. I think HouseMarque needs to stop creating this abortion Battle Royale game and just pause from their run of Twin Stick Shooters and go back to the drawing board to reinvent what will work for them. I think they have made nothing but great games, but they tired out their formula. Take the TS gameplay, and put it towards something unique and bigger and deliver how we all know they could.

Spurg60d ago

Far cry
The open world of Farcry 3 was amazing but repeating the same thing 3 times is getting feels more like a job than a game.

Assassin's creed
They changed the combat but the game is still structured the same way. It need better story direction with memorable casts and a better mission design.

Call of duty
It's a fun game but need to go back to the drawing board with mutiplayer. Now considering blackout is there new stand out feature the main mutiplayer needs to be more simple.

Yeah...EA need to reboot themselves for that.

Gears of war
I love gears but I hoped they would evolve the series's gameplay and make it more fast paced similar to vanquish.

Final fantasy
With the success of traditional Jrpg like Persona 5 and octopath traveller, final fantasy now has the chance to create a mainline that is reminiscent of the PS1 days.

Dark souls is my absolute favourite game of all time but after Bloodborne and Dark souls 3, I felt some fatigue. Sekiro is heading in the right direction to truely evolve the series but still has me thinking like it a dark souls game.

Tales series
Vesperia was the last great game in the series. The presentation, the story and gameplay were great but the later games didn't do much to revitalise the series. Besteria seem to have a good story but the gameplay was an absolute chore and for a PS4 game it looks absolutely hideous, even a nearly decade old game like vesperia looks better.

Kashima60d ago

You forgot Forza, Halo, Dynasty Warriors, Mario and Atelier

Spurg59d ago

Forza main series and Forza horizon have enough difference between the two be acceptable, there is also a 2yr wait between release.

Halo main series doesn't come out every year.
Halo 4-2012
Halo 5-2015
Halo infinite-2020 most likely

Dynasty warriors do any have any relevance.

Mario has a lot of variety and is a franchise that has been forged to be experimental to keep it from being stale.

UltraNova59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I would also add Uncharted but it seems ND is already giving it a break( at the pefect time).
Other than that Spurg's list cover's all bases.

PS: isnt it funny that Ubisoft doesn't take their own advice? "Have I told you the definition of insanity?".....

DrakeFan159d ago

There is only one main Halo game this generation and the Forza games are by different developers. The different settings/locations of the Forza Horizon games is worth the price of admission every 2 years.

Sayai jin59d ago

"Gears of war
I love gears but I hoped they would evolve the series's gameplay and make it more fast paced similar to vanquish. "

They tried that when they launched Gears Judgment and it wasn't received well. Gears is for thr most part close quarters, wall bouncing, etc. 4 is much faster pace than the other.

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