Guardian: Gran Turismo PSP Review

Guardian writes: "Forget skidding around corners at 95mph or firing coloured shells at your opponents – Gran Turismo is serious. A serious driving game for proper petrol-heads. So if you like to spend your Saturdays tinkering with engines, then Gran Turismo has always been the game for you."

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SoapShoes3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

The reviewer had no score. All it was, was a review! Summary from the review? GT PSP is a great handheld racing game and is worth getting.

cryymoar3980d ago

they are scoring the game against console GT games.
Again the whole "lack of deep career mode!"

Same great GT Physics,
Same great selection of cars,
Same great tracks and Courses,
Same great GT graphics,
Simpler career mode.

The lack of a career mode doesn't make the physics any less accurate, or the graphics any less pretty.
What a retarded review.